Ezekiel’s Landing shows that Magic Lantern RAW Video is Making an Impact

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With the tweet below, we have even more proof (not that we needed much more really) that Magic Lantern is having a significant impact on filmmaking – as this kickstarter project announces they're shooting in Magic Lantern RAW video on a Canon EOS 6D.

While we've decided we're not going to just post every kickstarter filmmaking project we run into or that is sent to us (we get a lot and it was becoming hard to be able to support some without posting them all), this one caught my eye purely because of the tweet indicating they're shooting on a Canon EOS 6D and are shooting Magic Lantern RAW video.

That's pretty significant if you think about it! Not only are people using Magic Lantern RAW to shoot commercials (see this example), but they're choosing it to shoot movies as well.

What is Ezekiel’s Landing?

Ezekiel’s Landing is the first feature film produced by Valiant Dead, a small independent film company from Indiana. Alien encounters, UFO cultists, and a town shrouded in dark secrets are just a few of the elements that make up the mystery of Ezekiel’s Landing. Written by Valiant Dead’s own James Treakle, it will be the filmmakers’ first feature length production. They have teamed up with producer Kate Chaplin and Karmic Courage Productions to bring the film to life.

Ezekiel's Landing – Feature Film by Kate Chaplin — Kickstarter.

(cover photo credit: snap from Kickstarter)

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