BIG Discounts on SUPER FAST CF Cards at B&H

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Some special pricing came in overnight – I believe these are good while supplies last – so don't be waiting around as they may not last long!

The last one in the list is $250 off! And at 100mbps, it should be fast enough for Magic Lantern RAW video 🙂 I don't know where my brain is! You need 1000x or about 150MBs for Magic Lantern RAW video. Sorry about that!

Speaking of that, I sure wish that the manufacturers would stick to one speed rating! 1000x is not the same as 100MBs. From wikipedia, the “x” rating is a multiplier.

CompactFlash IDE (ATA) emulation speed is usually specified in “x” ratings, e.g. 8x, 20x, 133x. This is the same system used for CD-ROMs and indicates the maximum transfer rate in the form of a multiplier based on the original audio CD data transfer rate, which is 150 kByte/s.
R=K * 150 kByte/s
where R = transfer rate, K = speed rating. For example, 133x rating means transfer speed of: 133 * 150 kByte/s = 19,950 kByte/s ~ 20 MB/s.
These are manufacturer speed ratings. Actual transfer speed may be higher, or lower, than shown on the card[17] depending on several factors. The speed rating quoted is almost always the read speed, while write speed is often slower.

B&H Photo and Video SanDisk Memory Card discounts

B&H Photo and Video SanDisk Memory Card discounts

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Here are the deals in detail

SanDisk 16GB CompactFlash Memory Card Extreme SDCFXP-016G-X46

SanDisk 32GB CompactFlash Memory Card Extreme SDCFXP-032G-X46

SanDisk 64GB CompactFlash Memory Card Extreme SDCFXP-064G-X46

SanDisk 128GB CompactFlash Memory Card Extreme SDCFXP-128G-X46

Lexar 32GB SDHC Platinum II 200x Class 10 UHS-I Memory Card

(cover photo credit: snap from the B&H Site)


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