What’s the best EVF mount and monitor mount?

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If you've ever wrestled with a spinning EVF (electronic view finder) or external monitor mounted on a magic arm this review by Cinema5D What’s the best EVF mount & monitor mount? 7 devices reviewed is right up your alley.

The downside of shooting with DSLRs and many cameras like the Blackmagic Cinema Camera is the lack of a proper viewfinder you can put your eye up against. With an EFV, not only can you clearly see the image, but many come with with overlays like false color and focus assist to help you get properly exposed and in-focus images.

Pressing your eye against something solid also helps keep shots steady and that's never a bad thing with smaller cameras.

7 different EVF mounts reviewed

What’s the best EVF mount and monitor mount

From Cinema5D:

Here we have 7 different EVF mounts, or viewfinder mounts, also used as monitor mounts. These dear pieces of equipment are utilized to hold your EVF in the correct place when working with a handheld rig. Not all of them are great. Here’s a review that shows you the functionality and usefulness of each of the devices.

Up until now many people have been using mini magic arms (as seen on the left) to hold EVF’s or field monitors in place. If you’re used to working with those you might be familiar with the frustration caused by them.

Downsides of using mini magic arms as EVF holders:

– They might only hold in place for a limited time when used with EVF’s.
– When applying pressure with your head towards the EVF they usually get displaced.
– Often even the screw mounted to the EVF itself loosenes.
– Attaching and removing the evf is a hassle.

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Links directly to EVF mount reviews:
• Page 1: Solid Camera Universal EVF Support KIT w/ Slotted Dovetail
• Page 2: Zacuto Axis EVF mount
• Page 2: Wooden Camera UVF Mount V2 NATO Rail Kit
• Page 3: SHAPE Rod Bloc EVF Mount
• Page 3: Zacuto Z-ERM EVF Rod Mount
• Page 4: Edelkrone Monitor / EVF holder
• Page 4: Lanparte Heavy Duty Magic Arm
• Page 5: Conclusion

For the complete review, read Cinema5D's article What’s the best EVF mount & monitor mount? 7 devices reviewed

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