The history of the GoPro – fascinating CBS 60 Minutes report!

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The CBS show “60 minutes” did a fascinating report on the GoPro called “GoPro's video revolution

I watched it last night on the show and knew I had to share it with all of you as it is an incredible documentary on the growth of video – tho it is hard to believe that the goPro was started 12 years ago – it seems much more ‘new' than that – but then again, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II is 5 years old and with product lead times, it was probably started in development 3 years before that.

Anyway, have a watch and make sure to catch the other videos about the BTS of the show on that page and the ‘extra' bit we've included below.

CBS 60 Minutes report on the GoPro

GoPro's video revolution
November 10, 2013 4:47 PM
A little, wearable camera is putting its owners in their own movies, doing everything from walking down the street to jumping out of an airplane. Anderson Cooper reports on GoPro, the world's best-selling camera that's revolutionizing the world of video.

How are you using the goPro?

We've posted quite a few really cool videos shot with the goPro in the past, but we're always looking for new stuff! Please Give us a shout if you'd like us to consider your goPro project. After all, they're just another tool in the kit right?

60 Minute Overtime

There are 2 other videos on the story page as well

(cover photo credit: snap from the CBS video)

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