Red Epic vs. Canon C500 – 6 Rounds of Comparison Tests

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When Shane Hurlbut tests cameras he doesn't mess around. His conclusions from this head-to-head shootout between two heavyweights, the Red Epic and the Canon C500 may surprise you.

Check out the full article Red Epic vs. Canon C500 for the type of in-depth comparison he performed to find the ideal camera for his latest film, “Need for Speed.”

Stay tuned for more rounds of tests between the top cameras on the market today.

Red Epic vs. Canon C500

Red Epic vs. Canon C500

From Shane Hurlbut at The Hurlblog:

Digital Emulsions

I compare digital camera sensors to film emulsions. The reason a cinematographer selects a specific camera for their film is the look and feel of the sensor and their lenses.

You are about to embark on a journey of my discovery that is as unbiased as I can be. I will describe the subtle details in narration so that it is a much more immersive experience for all of you. I know that these images are not in 5K and 4K for your review. We are limited by the internet but I think the details that I am pointing out still shine in HD. These extensive tests between the Red Epic and the Canon C500 were conducted over three days with seven other cameras. We will be keeping up the comparison tests once a month.

Day ISO Tests

The first test is our ISO range in the daytime. I like to do these both in the day and night. With the daytime ISO test, you can really see the noise that would not be as apparent during the night because it can be masked in the blacks. Look at the grey card, the shadow in the trees behind them and the shadow areas on their faces for the digital noise as we crank up the ISOs on each camera. Also look at the color chart to see how it holds its color as you increase your ISO levels and the contrast level increase on their faces.

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Check out the complete article over at Shane Hurlbut's blog: Red Epic vs. Canon C500

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