Helpful Tips for a Wedding Photographer from @LensProToGo

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If you shoot video you know how quickly order can devolve into chaos. (“I know I checked those batteries that are now dead as doornails.”) The highest level of nerves, in my experience, have come on wedding shoots. If your actor flubs a line, you can do another take. There are no second takes when a couple is saying “I do.” Dry off your palms and learn how to minimize disaster with this LensProToGo Wedding Checklist video. Even if you don't shoot weddings, many of these common-sense tips in this hour-long webinar will make your shoots go more smoothly.

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Wedding Photographer Checklist with Mike Duval

* Avoid the vendor meal conversation. YOU NEED TO EAT. Sometimes it is best to order the kids meal as it comes out first.

* Schedule a time to visit the site with the coordinator and if you can’t agree on a time, do everything you can to be prepared. Stop by the venue yourself to see if you can get access (public places only), Google map the venue and look at it in Satelite view to get the layout of the land and image search the location. Flickr is a great place to look for location photos as many photographers tag the location.

* Ask for a physical address, not just a name of the church. Many churches/venues have the same/similar name! You don’t want to go to the wrong one!

* Rent any additional gear 2 weeks prior to wedding to ensure you’ll get the gear you want

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Michael Duval

The Wedding Photographer’s Pre-Event Checklist from

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