Fascinating Insights into the Future of Canon Cinema EOS from Global Product Manager Yoshinari Onda

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At Inter BEE 2013, Japan's domestic broadcast convention, Dan Chung of News Shooter sat down with the man responsible for Canon's popular Cinema EOS line of video cameras – Global Product Manager Yoshinari Onda.

There are some significant takeaways from this interview… read on!

The first thing Mr. Onda reveals is the wild success of the 5D Mark II. “…totally took us by surprise,” he states. Dan goes on to asks the tough questions everyone's wondering about – will other models get Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus? How about a full frame 35mm sensor? When will lower cost cameras get RAW recording?

Watch the entire interview to get some answers and some evasions; below the video, I've highlighted a number of the key ones.

My personal takeaway from this interview is that the Canon C100 is one amazing camera and I want one for my next project.

Inter BEE 2013 Replay: A word with Canon Cinema EOS global product manager Yoshinari Onda

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Interview with Yoshinari Onda

Here are the key points I took away from the interview:

Canon's Yoshinari Onda is the man responsible for producing the successful Cinema EOS line. As Global Product Manager since the beginning, he describes their initial shock after they watched Vincent Laforet's groundbreaking short called “Reverie.” Laforet shot the film with the 5D Mark II and created images that up until then had only been seen from dedicated cinema cameras.

Onda goes on to recall how Canon realized it was onto something big and they forged a team combining people from the lens division with engineers from both the photographic and video sides of the company. The team, now numbering 150 people, makes and markets the Cinema EOS line – the C100, C300 and C500 cameras, plus Cinema lenses.

Next, Chung and Yoshinari delved into the hot new feature in the C100 – a firmware upgrade and sensor adjustment that adds what Canon calls “Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus.” Onda revealed that the C100 sensor already had the dual pixel structure built in; so all it takes to activate it is a firmware upgrade and sensor adjustment. The live demonstration of how the camera performs smooth automatic focus adjustments while filming was nothing short of impressive. Onda says the feature is targeted at event and independent shooters with little or no crew.

Dan then followed up with a series of questions a lot of people are asking, “Will the C300 and C500 get this autofocus feature? Will any of the models get RAW recording capability? And will there be a full frame 35mm sensor to replace the Super 35's in the Cinema EOS line? At this point Onda became a little reticent and didn't give up any Canon Cinema EOS strategy. His answer was, accompanied by a belly laugh, “Check back with me!” [ Via News Shooter ]

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(cover photo credit: snap from the News Shooter video)

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