DSLRSolutions Ultra-Simple Follow Focus announcement

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We've shown you the DSLR Solutions follow focus before (see this post) but they've just made it even better!

The new unit is called the DSLR Solutions Ultra-Simple Follow Focus and we've not only got all the info below, but we have one of these and will be posting a review in a couple of days!

And, I'll add this… these are great for photographers too – we tend to think of them as something only for shooting video, but they certainly can help focusing when you're shooting stills as well.

DSLR Solutions Ultra-Simple demo

Here's the demo video – note, they've improved the focus markers since this demo was made!

More info

Ultra-Simple Follow Focus Key Benefits:
– One size fits the Focus and Zoom rings of nearly every lens on the market.
– Entire kit weighs under 2 ounces.
– Priced under $50
– No rail or cage system required
– Easily hit and repeat several focus points during multiple takes when filming complex scenes.
– Not just for DSLR Cameras. Fits equally well on cinema camera lenses and mirrorless camera lenses.
– Not just for focus rings. The new design works great on zoom rings as well.
– Made in U.S.A.

– The new markers are solid aluminum and have a bit more holding power when using them as stops and can be turned (180 degrees) so the back of the marker faces the handle for even more holding power.
– Depending on your lens, you may need to shim the under the arrow portion of the handle strap in order for it to be on the same level with the markers when using them as stops.
– The marker strap and handle strap are shipped long and may need trimming depending on what lenses you plan to use it on.

Tip: Trim non-rounded end of straps.
Tip 2: A small piece of trimmed strap can be used to shim under the handle arrow if necessary.

For more info: DSLR Solutions Ultra-Simple Follow Focus

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