Another Canon 5D Mark III sensor burned by a laser – beware!

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This was sent in over the weekend… another Canon EOS 5D Mark III sensor damaged by those pesky lasers!

Comments: Hello,

my name is Raphaël and i live in Belgium. Sorry for my english. A lazer show burned my 5d Mark III last week. See my video

Actually, my 5D is in SAV but the waranty don't coverage. i wait the news from this.

We've warned you about this problem before so please remember this lesson or you'll be paying like Raphaël

Canon 5D Mark III sensor kill

[tentblogger-youtube Ap52xYMS0Kw]


in 5 seconds, the sensor of my 5D Mark III has blown by the force of a laser. Too close or not, the question arises as to the eyes. In any case, passionate photographers, beware, the warranty does not work incident. Canon says on this subject that the camera has no internal defect but has been damaged by an outside agency. (French and Dutch Source SAV). Your Reflex well be a tank, light can destroy it!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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