Watch Paul McCartney's "impromptu" concert in Times Square shot with Canon EOS C300

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We've published quite a few interesting pieces by Jonathan Yi over the past couple of years and yesterday I saw this amazing little video that Jonathan published that I just absolutely had to ask him about!

Jon was able to film an ‘impromptu' concert by Paul McCartney in Times Square in New York City with a variety of Canon EOS C300s and Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIs.

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Paul McCartney's “New”

From Jonathan Yi:

On October 10, I was lucky enough to work for director Charlie Lightening to document Sir Paul McCartney in NYC as he prepared for the release of his upcoming LP entitled “NEW.”

Charlie has been filming Sir Paul McCartney and his band for several years now and has adopted an arsenal of Canon EOS C300s and Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIs for the job (often carrying one slung on each arm).

I joined Charlie with my own Canon EOS C300 and helped create this video of Paul's impromptu concert in Times Square.

It was an amazing moment in time and I'm so glad to have been there. I never imagined that I would ever be in the presence of a Beatle. Truly a dream come true.

It was my first time ever shooting in PAL format, and it wasn't bad at all. Whole numbers are great!

Event Video

[tentblogger-youtube 3q0mbtfelAY]

Another awesome video shot on a combination of C300s and 5D Mark III's is the “New” lyric video

[tentblogger-youtube BkbbP0ozyMs]



Photos by Lance Lee

Photos by Lance Lee


Photos by Natan Dvir

Photos by Natan Dvir


Photo by Security

Photo by Security


Photo by MJ Kim

Photo by MJ Kim

  [ Via Jonathan Yi ]

(cover photo credit: snap from MJ Kim)

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