Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Review

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If you're wondering why there are so many articles and reviews about the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, this review by Brian Hallett on Pro Video Coalition will provide the answer.

The author thoughtfully provides video files you can download and color correct yourself. In short, for under $1,000, the BMPCC is a device that records cinematic-quality images in a format not much bigger than your smart phone. Yes, with the camera's small sensor, it's a challenge to get shallow depth-of-field, but that's way overused anyway. If you're looking at this camera, read the full review and you'll see why so many are buying the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

The First Test

This is how the first test went down. Matt brought along his “Mocki,” and I pulled together two amateur actors, received no permit, and did not get any location agreements. If we were asked what we were doing Matt suggested we say “Makin' a Mayonnaise Commercial.” Mind you, it was 11pm on a weeknight. This is a small sample of what we shot for our “Mayonnaise” Commercial:

[tentblogger-vimeo 76290973]

The Take-Away

This is a fantastic little camera that packs a punch. If I was a photojournalist or someone who was out running and gunning a ton.. then this camera would be in my pocket. ACTUALLY, I am one of these types and I'll very likely buy one soon! It may not be my “A” camera but will definitely be my “B” camera. The BMPCC will make for a great second camera on shoots and interviews. I think we'll see photographers carry this camera around as an accessory to help them grab additional angles as they shoot their stories. Also, this gem of a camera deserves to be on a stabilizer or helicopter, because the weight and size begs to go airborne. Same goes for mounting on a car. When we shot with Matt's “Mocki” I fell in love with how easy the camera was to use, and having a smaller camera with a sensor giving you a very similar “look” to the BMCC may be too hard to resist. The only problem for me… waiting for the raw recording capability.

[ Via Pro Video Coalition ]
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(cover photo credit: snap from Pro Video Coalition)

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