Rycote InVision Duo-Lyre Mount

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I wanted to post this because I've become a firm believer in Rycote mounts. I watched the demo video below a few weeks ago when it came in, and a week or so later we were getting ready to go on vacation and I needed to take a microphone that I got from RØDE with me, and so I went and ordered one of the Rycote shock mounts from B&H in a hurry to take on the trip. Here's the one I bought because I wanted to mount to a pole or to the top of my camera possibly (“Rycote InVision Video Hot Shoe Adapter“). And it worked like a charm.

After having the original RØDE video mic, and getting one of the newer RØDE video mics with your shock mount on it, I became a firm believer, especially since there aren't any ‘rubber bands' involved in the mount. This one is so much easier to maintain!

Rycote InVision Duo-Lyre Mount

[tentblogger-youtube 1Sa1kCfGP9o]

An overview of the Rycote InVision® Duo-Lyre® Mount (InVision® 7HG MKIII)

Plus a comparison demonstration of the effectiveness of the lyre suspension over a traditional mount in the following scenarios;

• Boom swinging
• Boom tracking
• On top of an HDSLR
• Interview technique

Conditions of mount comparison demo
– All microphone takes were recorded consecutively using a consistent gain level.
– Any variations in background noise between takes are due to real world sound sources (e.g. an aeroplane) and not variations in gain level.
– No frequency tailoring was applied during production or post-production.

Rycote Lyre suspension video 1

Rycote Lyre suspension video 2

Rycote Lyre suspension video 3

Rycote Lyre suspension video 4

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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