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HDSLR training at 1/4 th the price at the California Photo Festival

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If Mitch found out they were selling new Canon lenses for 75% off you'd expect him to tell you about it. Well, pro training in digital filmmaking is being offered at 75% off it's normal price if you took our Cine Boot Camps.

Victoria, of California Photo Festival, wants you to learn DSLR filmmaking.  A lot.  So she's booked the highest rated, most effective HDSLR hands-on training team to bring the Cine Boot Camps to the California Photo Festival.  

And she's giving you thirteen HDSLR filmmaking 2-hour workshops for $499.  (Click HERE to see the schedule.)

It's in beautiful San Luis Obispo on October 7-11, 2013.  

We'll be filming horses in the surf and other picturesque settings around one of the prettiest spots in California.

The California Photo Festival will run horses on the beach at sunset again this year.

The California Photo Festival will run horses on the beach at sunset again this year.

How did this happen?  We segmented the “best of” our Cine Boot Camps workshops into smaller, two-hour learning labs, so you can select just what you need.  Still photographers have a number of modules tailored just for them.  There's script-writing modules for those stuck in a creative rut. There's lighting workshops for those who want to make the digital films more cinematic, no matter what camera they're using. There's exterior lighting for those who specialize in landscapes, and low key lighting for those film noir lovers.

Basically, you take what you want. Your $499 pass buys you all week.  And if you want to polish your still photography skills there'll be 20 instructors to choose from.  If you mention the coupon code fletch2013, Victoria will give you the discount price of $424.

And if you buy a 1 + 1 pass it comes down to $399.

We'll see you on the beach. Or you can stay in your apartment and wonder what it would have been like to film in San Luis Obispo and save enough money to buy a new lens or camera body.  It's up to you.

(cover photo credit: snap from the festival)

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