First two three Canon EOS 7D RAW Video samples spotted

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It didn't take long, the first samples from Magic Lantern software for the Canon EOS 7D shows us RAW video in short bursts. We first told you about this Friday here on the planet5D blog

Before you get too excited to make your long feature, these videos are short bursts — the second one is “40-41 pictures a little less than 2 seconds” — so we're still in the infancy on Canon EOS 7D RAW. We'll have to see the progress the Magic Lantern team can make here.

The first video posted in the Magic Lantern forum where the Canon EOS 7D RAW video was announced was this one:

Silent Picture Continuos Burst on Canon 7D
[tentblogger-youtube fWd8m3yQRNE]

My first video with the raw silent picture continuous burst.

-I got a lot of moire, a lot! But wend i upload in youtube it just take out, almost all, of the moire.
-In the first second its show up a corrupt frame. Half pink, maybe because of the card?
-In the sky its also create a kind of a grid. But you can't see here because of the compression of youtube.

Small Test – Canon 7D – Raw Video with Magic Lantern (Pelican's nightly build)

[tentblogger-vimeo 71649487]


As you know, the Canon 7D is now capable of shooting raw video thanks to Magic Lantern.Ive downloaded Pelicans nightly build and install it on my Canon 7D. I did some quick tests in my garden with silent pics burst. For now, I didnt get any pink frames. I can get 40-41 pictures a little less than 2 seconds.DNG are 1736 x 1156 pixels. Stunning quality compared to H.264…But a little of moire as usual with the 7D.Congratulations to Magic Lantern !!! Its totally amazing what they can do.CF Card : Transcend 64Gb 400x

via Small Test – Canon 7D – Raw Video with Magic Lantern Pelicans nightly build on Vimeo.

A third video is spotted

[tentblogger-youtube ctm1WW7VUXU]

Crazyrunner33 said this about the video:

I tried a quick and dirty crop mode test today, I'm impressed with what I see so far and will experiment a little more with it.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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