Crazy DIY DSLR Video Rig Contraption

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I don't know how we've all missed this incredible, really inexpensive, DYI DSLR video rig! It was published back in 2010 and we've all been missing out.

This do-it-yourself rig could be the best thing ever for shooting DSLR video!

Crazy DSLR Rig Contraption

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Description and directions

Don't spend thousands of dollars on an expensive DSLR rig for your new Canon video set up! For a just a couple bucks and using common household materials you can create this INSANELY elegant and practical DSLR rig. Features include:

Shotgun mic mount

Nintendo NES controller

LED book light

ipod holder

Compass with cigarette lighter plug

GPS unit

Large LED light

Old-school flash grip

Stylish handle

All-black assassin styling

How's that for a little Friday fun? Yes, it was done as a joke.


via Crazy DSLR Rig Contraption How-To!.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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