Lensbaby ‘Guest Stars’ in Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing”

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Lensbaby ‘Guest Stars’ in Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing”

Lensbaby Much ado about nothing

Portland, OR – June 7, 2013 – Lensbaby (www.lensbaby.com), creator of award-winning Creative Effects SLR, mirrorless and PL mount camera lenses, is extremely excited to announce that its products were used to captivate audiences in the film “Much Ado About Nothing,” directed by the renowned Joss Whedon.

Shot in just 12 days, this new film puts a contemporary spin on Shakespeare’s classic comedy “Much Ado About Nothing.” The Director of Photography on “Much Ado About Nothing,” Jay Hunter, recently sat down with Lensbaby and gave some insight into how and why he used Lensbaby lenses during filming.

Lensbaby continued

Lensbaby Much ado about nothing flasback

“We shot the flashback scenes on a Canon 7D with a Lensbaby Composer with Double Glass. I really love how the Lensbaby sends you into an abstract world, by defocusing and warping the frame while leaving other portions of the frame sharp. It helps directs your eye to certain moments, but also creates a dream state right out of the box,” explained Hunter.

“The first time we used Lensbaby was in a flashback scene. I framed it up and told [director Joss Whedon] we could use a straight lens if the Lensbaby didn't work for him. However, Joss looked at it and said it was perfect—it just clicked for him. There was no discussion after that; it just became the way we were going to shoot all of the flashbacks in the film. There’s just something organic about doing things in camera, the way all of the elements come together. You get this end product that is so much more satisfying and higher quality in the end than spending a ton of time and money trying to replicate it in post-production.”

About the Composer Pro
The Composer Pro is available for most SLR, mirrorless, and PL mount cameras and is compatible with the Lensbaby Optic Swap System. It ships with either the 50mm f/2 Double Glass Optic or the 35mm f/2.5 Sweet 35 Optic installed. Each optic creates a Sweet Spot of sharp focus that photographers can move around the photo by tilting the Composer Pro’s swiveling lens body. The Composer Pro is compatible with the complete range of creative optics in the Lensbaby Optic Swap System including the Edge 80, Fisheye, Soft Focus, Pinhole/Zone plate, Single Glass, and Plastic. Each optic can be swapped into the Composer Pro to deliver a different creative effect.

For more information, visit www.lensbaby.com or contact PR Representative Jessica Darrican at [email protected].

About Lensbaby
Lensbaby is a Portland, Oregon-based manufacturer of award-winning Creative Effects SLR, mirrorless and PL mount camera lenses. Lensbaby was launched in February 2004 by Craig Strong, a professional photographer and the inventor of the patented Lensbaby Creative Effects SLR lens system. Lensbaby sells to photographers all over the world through its website (www.lensbaby.com), by calling (877-536-7222 / 971-223-5662), at tradeshows, in leading photo retail stores and through a growing global network of international distributors.

About Jay Hunter
Jay Hunter began as a student of film theory and criticism at the University of Colorado at Boulder where he studied avant-garde and experimental film with (among others) filmmaker Stan Brakhage. Upon graduation he relocated to Los Angeles and worked on numerous independent films, commercials and documentaries as a Camera Operator and eventually as a Director of Photography. After many years in the trenches he photographed the critically acclaimed film “Paper Heart” (dir. Nicholas Jasenovec). Soon afterward Jay was lucky enough to work alongside Joss Whedon as the 2nd Unit Director of Photography of Whedon's television show “Dollhouse” which eventually led to their collaboration on “Much Ado About Nothing”. Jay Hunter currently resides in Los Angeles and continues to work on feature films and commercials.

Click to watch “Much Ado About Nothing” trailer.

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