Will Nikon get RAW video as well? Early 1.5fps samples just released!

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This just in… the first RAW Video samples are coming in from Nikon cameras – the first one I've seen is from a Nikon D700 posted by Simone! tho note, this is very early as so far they're only getting about 1.5 frames per second, but that's what happened with early success on the Magic Lantern so maybe it will be possible on the Nikon? We'll have to see…

It has just been posted on the planet5D forums (see! there's all kinds of great stuff going on there!) by iL337P337 and there's a quick video demo below showing the Nikon D7000 doing a quick 24 frame RAW burst capture (without involving the shutter so this is coming out of the live view just like the Canon Magic Lantern software is doing).

It was earlier reported as a possibility but it now seems to be happening!

There's more detail in this post by Simeon (where the video was posted)

So for now it’s truly the raw buffer (the part that’s put in the .NEF but with none of the EXIF data), and it takes a hack to turn on, and I’ve not nailed the FPS, nor do I have a clue how to speed it up, but it’s all very cool.

Nikon D7000 Silent RAW

[tentblogger-youtube Nej7cypR86c]

Will there be success?

Time will tell — what do you think? Will these Nikon hackers have as much success as the Magic Lantern team does for Canon?

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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