Which tool for Cloud Storage “Copy” w/15gb or “Dropbox” w/2gb?

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Weekend sidetrack (but not completely off topic):

Many of us are now using some kind of “Cloud Storage” — in fact, one of the biggest around is called “Dropbox” (not to be confused with a ‘drop-box' on a mac computer which is just a way to share files locally)… you've probably heard of it. When you sign up for Dropbox, you'll get 2gb of free space out on their “cloud” to store some files.

Well, Copy is a newer competitor on the market now (backed by Barracuda Networks so it isn't just some weird startup that will fail soon), and they're offering 15gb of free space if you sign up — and, if you sign up to Copy with my link (just click on Copy) and you and I will both get another 5gb – so your total will be 20gb right off the bat!

And, if you get your friends (and even your enemies) to sign up for Copy, you'll get another 5gb for each person who signs up! I've posted my copy referral link on twitter a couple of times and I already have over 60gb of storage in my copy account! That's a lot of space to put files and share really large files with others. [tentblogger-youtube m36ZMdE-vro]

Why Cloud Storage?

In short, cloud storage is a great place to store your own files (because you can access them from anywhere and even sync your files with other computers you use so you always have the most recent version on all your devices) but it is a great place to share files with your friends or customers etc. Many people are using special websites to share very large files, but with copy, you can host them yourself.


  • You don't need to have a USB drive to move files from one computer to another
  • always have the latest version of a file on all your devices
  • access your files from any computer in the world via the web
  • share files with a friend
  • the sync with your devices happens automatically!
  • great for students, businessmen, families, everyone!
  • both public and private areas so you can share with everyone or keep files just to yourself
  • can act as a backup for some critical files

I have my daughters using copy so they can store their files for school on the cloud – now they don't need a USB to take homework or projects to and from school. And once they go to college, they will be able to store important school files on the cloud so they can have access from any computer at school plus if their laptop dies or is stolen, they don't lose their school work!

Pros and Cons of copy!


  • More storage than dropbox
  • all of the above reasons for using cloud storage
  • more space than dropbox (yes I said it twice!)
  • store photos, video, secure personal files, whatever!


  • more people know about dropbox
  • more software solutions are linked to dropbox
  • whatever you put in the copy folder on your computer takes up space on your computer
  • software must be installed on your computer to manage the syncing and must be running all the time

I list software as a ‘con' because I use quite a few programs that are linked to dropbox – a couple save their preferences or common data files on the cloud so that each computer I have uses common ‘setup' files or commands and therefore when I switch computers, I always have the latest data. Another example is vimeo who has this note:

You can upload videos to Vimeo straight from your Dropbox! Drop it like there’s a box underneath it.

Conclusion: use BOTH!

So which to pick? Heck, they're both free so why not use both? The only downside is that you'll need to have both pieces of software running on your computers all the time to do the syncing.

Maybe you can set things up so you use Copy for photos and dropbox for critical personal files (since it is smaller). Maybe you share large files with friends on copy and save dropbox for your small files… it is up to you!

(cover photo credit: snap from the copy site)


  1. I don’t think it really matters WHICH cloud storage you choose as long as you are happy with how it works and its functionality. There are only going to be more and more options for storage as technology improves so at the end of the day, what you choose today probably won’t be what you end up with 1 year down the road, or even half a year down the road!

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