Spinpod: Seamless panoramic & motion time-lapse photography

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While this just was 100% funded, you might want to get in on the early adopter list on this one – especially since there's a DSLR option involved!

Spinpod: Seamless panoramic & motion time-lapse photography



The Spinpod is a patent pending slim motion control unit designed for iPhones, android phones, and cameras. It lets everyone, not just professionals and high end users, take seamless panoramic pictures and dynamic motion time-lapse videos. Our goal was to develop a device that was intuitive to use and affordable on almost any budget. Due to its small size and durability it can easily be taken everywhere including camping, hiking, to parties, or the beach.


Spinpod4 [tentblogger-youtube mwHt-4p_Q1Q]

The Dolly System is an add-on for the Spinpod which allows you to take linear and curved time-lapse videos. Since the weight of the camera sits directly over the dolly, it can support large DSLR's as well as iPhones, Androids, and other cameras. Included in the Dolly System is a table-top dolly, a ball head mount, and a Spinpod mount. The dolly shown in our prototype Dolly System is from iStabilizer. We are working with iStabilizer.com to supply us with very high quality dollies for our production version.

With the included Spinpod mount, your Spinpod is easily mounted on top of one of the wheels of the dolly. The same mechanism that holds your phone in place for panoramic and rotational time-lapse photography doubles as a clamp to hold your Spinpod firmly against the dolly wheel. When the Spinpod rotates, the dolly moves… it is as simple as that. With 5 speed settings, you can record pretty much anything you can think of.

The Dolly System is an add-on for all reward tiers. Just add $75 ($85 for international backers) to any reward tier to have the Dolly System included in your pledge.

Dolly System

The Spinpod mount shown in the video and pictures is only a prototype. The production version will be CNC machined and black anodized.

Panoramic Photography


In panoramic mode, the Spinpod continuously rotates while your phone constructs a panoramic picture. This works seamlessly with the built-in functionality of the iPhone’s camera app and is compatible with any other device capable of continuous panoramic photography. Most smart phones now come with continuous panoramic photography as a built in camera function but there are also many apps in the iPhone App Store and Google Play Shop that focus specifically on continuous panoramic photography.

Time-lapse photography

[tentblogger-youtube jF-VrbVx3e0]

In time-lapse mode, the Spinpod makes tiny rotational steps (~0.06 degrees/step) at a variety of time intervals set by the user. As the Spinpod slowly rotates, your phone or camera generates a motion time-lapse video by capturing video frames at very low rates. Due to the ever improving mobile handset technology, smart phones can now take high quality time-lapse videos which render within a few seconds after filming, allowing you to review the video right away.

You can also use a camera to take motion time-lapse videos with the Spinpod. Many cameras, like the GoPro, have built in time-lapse modes which take pictures at defined time intervals. You can also use an intervalometer to externally trigger your camera and generate time-lapse recordings. Check the first FAQ at the bottom of the page for weight limitations.

Pan + tilt

With two Spinpods and an L-bracket, you can produce engaging pan+tilt videos.

[tentblogger-youtube Lqw7xyi3jUQ]


Sound amplifying dock

When you're not using your Spinpod to take pictures, it works great as a dock, for video chat, and as an iPhone passive sound amplifier. The dock is slightly wider than your phone causing your phone to angle upwards when not fully locked in place.

Sound amplifying dock

(cover photo credit: snap from the site)

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