New Shooter Bundles + Rig Sale

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Save on Cinevate camera rigs from now until June 30th, 2013

Cinevate Rig Sale

The Simplis Bundle is akin to the Simplis configuration as made popular by the Stillmotion crew. Using the quick-release plate, shooters can switch between rigs and setups with lightning speed, while the 1/4-20 based accessory mounts allow for mounting of nearly any accessory (as seen below with the Zoom H4n and the SmallHD AC7 monitor). The Benro Monopod makes for an extremely small footprint and enables quick movement and steady support. The pivoting rubber foot also makes for great lean-in shot opportunities while maintaining a strong, non-slip foundation.

The Simplis Dual Bundle is our most popular Simplis Rig, with the added bonus of being able to convert the Dual into our Trawly Table Dolly, allowing shooters to switch from run-and-gun handheld shooting to smooth, table top dolly mode in seconds. The Simplis Dual utilizes the Simplis plate, allowing users to customize the configuration via the 1/4-20 threads.

Core Rig Bundle

Core Rig Bundle

While the Simplis Bundle and Simplis Dual Bundle are great for shooters looking for a lightweight camera and accessory mounting solution, the Core Rig Bundle gives shooters a complete tool set, enabling maximum control over their camera image via the Titan Swing-Away Mattebox, Durus Follow Focus and Proteus Quick-Release System. Also included is the Core Production Case which allows for quick drop-in of a fully assembled rig, even with the camera attached.

For a complete list of the available Rigs on Sale, the Rig Sale catalog page

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