Can the DEFY 3-axis camera gimbal be a low priced MōVI for the rest of us?

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Ever since the MōVI was announced, there's been a huge interest in 3 axis gimbal filmmaking devices and the “DEFY” from Relentless is about to be launched! And we've got some “test” footage to share with you.

We've been chatting with Drew Janes of Relentless Inc. just waiting to be able to tell you some of what they're planning, and we've been holding off until they were much closer to a real announcement, and now we can give you an update. And, they're starting with a tease by showing you some footage!

This was shot with the Sony NEX-7 but obviously will be very capable when then BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera is released as they're about the same size and weight.

DEVY will also be announced for the HDSLR market, including the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, as well as a beefier product for the RED and Canon EOS Cinema camera line.

Here's what was shown at NAB in case you missed it (we saw it, but were waiting to show you until we had more info). [tentblogger-vimeo 65329731]

Relentless, Inc. develops DEFY Gimbal, Interview with Drew Janes

[tentblogger-youtube 0snxqMWitds]

Ok, now, here's the DEFY test:

DEFY GIMBAL TEST FOOTAGE: Update for Blackmagic Pocket Cam users

[tentblogger-vimeo 68577223]

Description of the video

…And its about time we share some test footage from DEFY Gimbal that has been the reward of designing, building and testing to perfect the ability of stable footage in such a small camera. Our Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera version of the DEFY Gimbal has delivered the results we know you want and are looking for in a stabilizer. The test footage that you see here was shot with a Sony Nex-6 (which is keeping the gimbal warm until our pocket cam arrives) and has no post-stabilization. We will also be releasing soon the DSLR Version as well as a stabilizer for Red Digital Cinema Camera versions of the DEFY Gimbal as well. Each version will hold these specific cameras, as well as other cameras that are in its same weight category.

Also from Vimeo comments

Our first gimbal we used in April was 2 axis. This gimbal is full 3 axis with a design and scalability you will love. Very much so a 3 axis gimbal. We will share more of the design in just a few days along with the rest of the footage.

You can see their site here:

Of course, planet5D will be here giving you all the latest news!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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