BeSteady Camera Stabilizer – another 3-axis gimbal stabilizer ready to hit the market!

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UPDATE – their kickstarter is now LIVE! Get in early for lowest pricing!

Yes, another 3-axis gimbal camera stabilizer is just about to hit the market! We've got at least 3 or 4 competitors for the MōVI attempting to get to market quickly and the BeSteady One is about to make waves in this market as well.

I got this email announcement this afternoon and asked a couple of questions of Max Salamonowicz from

It happened. We have managed to finish development and are ready for production. Our stabilizer works flawlessly and just like a dream.

This is the future of handheld & multirotor camera stabilizers.

Q: What is your target pricing?

A: It will cost 2999 USD for handheld configuration. For multirotor it will be cheaper (without “Handheld” module): 2499 USD.

Q: Is the device silent? Quiet? noisy?

A: Completly silent.

Q: What is your target for first delivery?

A: We are starting Kickstarter campaign soon for our fellow Facebook fans. There will be lower prices for small amount of stabilizers for sure. Just after that BeSteady, one should be available in our dealer shops.

BeSteady Camera Stabilizer

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What Is BeSteady?

Our flagship product is BeSteady One. It is a camera stabilizer based on an electronic system equipped with gyroscopic sensors and accelerometers, using the direct drive of three axis of rotation in the form of brushless direct-current motors. In simple terms, it is a highly advanced electronic device which allows for incredible shots, creating new applications and abilities, perfectly complementing and supplementing other producers’ stabilizers and rigs available on the market.

Why Is BeSteady Special?

We create a product with the greatest care of all details, without making compromises in terms of material selection and production technology. It is the product of small-lot manufacturing, focused on satisfying even the most demanding of clients’ needs. It is the fruit of love and passion for the work we do and many, many months of research and tests.

The effects are presented below. See for yourself – or better yet, try us out. We are certain we will change your view on shot stabilization.

[tentblogger-vimeo 68454226]

BeSteady One is a device which stabilizes the camera in three axis. Thanks to the application of advanced electronic systems, gyroscopic sensors, accelerometers and special software created by Aleksiej Moskalenko the device perfectly establishes the position of the camera.

Besteady 2

The functioning principle of the device is quite simple. The construction is composed of three consecutive axis which move thanks to the direct drive of brushless direct-drive motors. The motors are positioned thanks calculations performed in real time. Data from the sensors is processed to make immediate adjustments to ensure perfect positioning of the camera. Thanks to the application of advanced algorithms and high frequency motor steering the device flies completely silently.

Besteady 3

Besteady 4

The core construction itself is made of superb materials. The tubes are made of super-light and ultra-durable Japanese carbon fiber. The construction fittings are made of 2017A and 6061 T6 aluminum – the same alloys used in aircraft and firearm manufacture. The logo and serial number are engraved using laser method. All of the aluminum elements are anodized to a black color. The screws are made of oxidized steel. The grips have been made to suit your specific needs and are produced of appropriately chosen silicone rubber.

The frame is composed of a couple basic elements. The camera shelf is where the camera is installed along with its accessories. Further part of the frame transfers motor generated drive to consecutive rotational axis. The frame ends in a hot-swappable mount allowing for the hook up of additional modules, such as BeSteady Handheld, BeSteady Multirotor Adapter, etc.

Besteady 5

Besteady 6

The motors used in BeSteady are not mass-produced and were especially designed to suit our purpose. Their unique construction ensures ideal cooling, very efficient performance and longevity. The use of big Japanese EZO bearings guarantees uninterrupted steady performance of each axis rotation.

The stabilizer itself may be fitted with a wide range of convenient and practical accessories. As our offer grows, we guarantee that our new grips and adapters will be compatible with earlier produced stabilizers.

One of our most popular modules is the BeSteady Handheld. Thanks to this grip the stabilizer may be held securely using both hands or single-handedly carried using the top grip. Side grips are fast adjustable. Just move the grip in the opposite direction from the stabilizer and turn it by 90 or 180 degrees to radically change the module’s function. The top grip may be placed in the “frontal” and “rear” positions. Additionally, the BeSteady Handheld module comes with BeSteady Accessorium, which enables the installation of accessories on the tubing, such as HD Paralinx transmission module, preview display, battery, etc.

Besteady 7

Besteady 8

As the BeSteady stabilizer can be viewed as a distant relative of the so called gimbals – devices based on servos as stabilizers for cameras attached to unmanned multirotor aircraft – we would like to extend our offer with the BeSteady Multirotor Adapter. It’s easy montage systems allows for the stabilizer to be hooked up to a flying device. The Adapter is also available in specialized versions, dedicated to fit the frames of specific multirotor producers.

An accessory which comes in very handy while filming perfectly steady footage is, of course, the preview display. It may be mounted on the BeSteady Handheld to allow the operator to view the current shot, or used to relay the image to the RC operator. We have joined forces with Lilliput Electronics Co., Ltd, the producer of professional preview monitors. They are equipped with advanced display options, such as peaking, histogram, false color, etc. In order to mount the display a so called ‘magic arm’ is used. The displays come equipped with sunshields, which allow the operator to work even on the brightest and sunniest of days. The displays come with HDMI, Component or SDI cable connectors. The offered preview display come in two formats: 5” and 7” screens.

In order to control the perfectly steady shot, it is best to use the Paralinx HD transmitter. The Arrow Plus devices allow for a single camera mounted transmitter to send uncompressed HDMI sygnal to the BeSteady Handheld mounted preview display and, in addition, to up to three other receivers, including the RC operator – on condition that the receivers are within 100 meter distance from the transmitter. Since the signal is uncompressed, HD recording devices may be used, for example: Atomos Ninja.

Using the “follow mode” allows for the camera to be controlled directly by the operator using the BeSteady Handheld. The device, depending on the chosen settings, will appropriately smooth out any unnecessary movement, jolts, turns and blurriness due to sudden movement. “Follow mode” still allows for the RC filming by a second operator.

Filming by the RC operator allows for corrections to be made during handheld filming. In order to ensure such filming method remote controllers, similar to those for operating unmanned RC multirotors, must be used. Usually, two joysticks operate two axis, and additional switches allow for profile change. RC operating is fully customizable and allows for personal settings to be made by the operator to best suit his or her needs and habits.

The device is powered by a rechargeable battery. The standard fully-charged power packet allows for the stabilizer to run for one hour. It takes less than a minute to replace the spent packet for a charged one. The stabilizer has a charge display screen which enables the operator to control the charge level of the battery as well as the amount of time left until battery change is needed.

Besteady 9

Configuration of the electronic systems is performed via USB cable, computer and software provided (PC Windows and Mac OS X). The software allows for setting particular parameters, such as general settings, remote control, function range of “follow mode”, etc. The software allows for profile settings, thanks to which the device may be configured to operate under up to three different personalized profiles simultaneously. Profile change can be operated via RC or directly on the stabilizer switch. In addition, we have prepared a list of standard, tested settings for over a dozen camera – lens work combinations for our clients’ convenience. For more information please read our user manual.

In order for the stabilization to run in a smooth, uninterrupted and efficient way, the device must be meticulously weight – balanced and adjusted to working with a specific camera type along with its accessories. Moreover, any additional source of force resistance, such as a cable connecting the camera with outside elements, may negatively influence the functioning of the stabilizer.

Besteady 10

(cover photo credit: snap from the site)


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