The Prequel to MANCHILD is Here: Watch AMATEUR

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A long time ago, many of us (including your's truly) donated to Koo's Kickstarter project for his basketball film “MANCHILD” — well, Koo decided to release the ‘prequel' and we thought you would be interested to see it.


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AMATEUR is a short prequel demonstrating my vision for MANCHILD, the feature film we’re making next. I’ve never been so excited to release something, so I hope you like it! If you like the short and want to see the feature, please head over to our just-launched website for MANCHILD and share it. I’m releasing this directly online, and that’s how this short will spread — every tweet, facebook like, and share makes a BIG difference. Thank you!

This was the first time my name has ever been on a slate — that’s how DIY my film career has been. However, despite this being more of a “real” production than I’m used to, there was no shortage of work, and I’ve basically done nothing but work on this (and run this website) for the last few months. I believe as AMATEUR gets out there that it will all have been worth it, but please — if you appreciate the hard work and the resulting film, take a minute to tweet and/or facebook I’ve talked in the past about the strategy of making a short, and now that you’ve seen it I hope the approach is much clearer as the story ties in directly to the feature. This short focuses on an encounter between a street agent and a high school basketball player — played by Lionel Pina and Curtiss Cook Jr., respectively — but as a result of what you see here, the recruiter goes on to pursue younger, more naïve players — including TJ, the 13 year-old protagonist of MANCHILD.

AMATEUR_MANCHILD_basketball film

The other thing I should note: we did not spend a dime of the Kickstarter funds on this short, but the short is very much inspired by the outpouring of support that happened during the Kickstarter campaign. So many of the Kickstarter backers came from this website that I’d like to thank you again here (in addition to the Kickstarter update) for your support.

I called in a LOT of favors, as did my producer and DP, to get this made on a tight budget. And that was one of the other rewarding aspects of this production: finding and working with talented people who read the feature script and wanted to be involved.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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