Formatt-Hitech Launch New Website with Former Apple Spokesman in Video Tutorials

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At NAB 2013, I ran into Rod Clark who's now representing Formatt-Hitech as Global VP of Marketing and I'm sure you'll be hearing more from Formatt-Hitech as their filter products seem pretty awesome! We hope to be not only testing these, but giving some away to lucky planet5D readers soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

Press Release: Formatt-Hitech Launch New Website

ABERDARE, WALES, UK (May 20th, 2013) – Formatt-Hitech, a world leader in filter manufacturing, have launched a new website featuring a former Apple spokesman in the video tutorials. Concurrent with the launch of the new website is the combining of the Formatt and Hitech brands into a single Formatt-Hitech brand, and the launch of the ProStop IRND, the world’s most advanced neutral density filter.

With around 4000 different filters on offer, Formatt-Hitech’s new website is designed to make choosing the right filter for your application as simple as possible. A cornerstone of these efforts is the video tutorial series featuring Jon Stark. Besides starring in five series of Apple’s guided tours, Stark is also an accomplished corporate filmmaker. Formatt-Hitech have partnered with Stark to produce a series of video tutorials designed to quickly educate users on choosing the best filters and holder system for their application. Stark also produced, directed and starred in a video tutorial for Formatt-Hitech’s iOS photo app called “Filters!”


Natural Density Filters

Natural Density Filters sample

Soft Edge ND sample

Graduated ND Filter

Graduated ND Filter sample

Reverse Blenders Color Grads

Star Filters

Formatt-Hitech Continued

The launch of the new website also coincides with the launch of the Formatt-Hitech brand. “By combining brands we’re acknowledging the effect of the HDSLR revolution on the marketplace. The industry is demanding that tools created for photography are equally adept at cinematography, and vice-versa. It no longer made sense to support two brands via two sales channels. So we’ve combined our high-end, boutique Formatt cinema brand with our consumer Hitech photo brand to create Formatt-Hitech. With this new brand, we’re effectively offering Formatt quality throughout our entire range at a more affordable price.” Says Rod Clark, Global VP of Marketing.

The filter business has changed radically as digital has almost completely replaced film in recent years. Modern digital cinema and photo cameras, with their high native ISOs, have placed a new demand on high-quality technical filters such as neutral densities, polarizers, and diffusion. This latest generation of filters are designed specifically for use with digital sensors and rely heavily on science to analyze the light modification in the UV, visible light, and infrared spectrums. Heavy emphasis is placed on spectral analysis when developing filters because UV or infrared contamination causes color shifts and digital artifacts.

“Cutting edge digital cameras are producing imagery with fidelity never before seen, and the choice of filter has become integral to the quality of the final product. At Formatt-Hitech, we’re focused on designing filters for the future using advanced science in development and manufacturing, and we’re committed to producing them in the UK to guarantee the customer receives the highest quality product available.” says Clark.

Central to Formatt-Hitech’s new filter line-up is the ProStop IRND. The ProStop IRND is a ND filter designed specifically for the demands of digital. The ProStop IRND blocks UV, visible light, and infrared light equally. “The filter represents exactly what we’re trying to achieve as a company” says Clark. “Our top shooters were demanding dark ND filters, that could be stacked to high densities, that wouldn’t create errant color shifts, and would leave the dark areas of the image crisp, black, and free of digital artifacts. The ProStop IRND is our response. It seems like such a simple thing, a dark ND, but it’s extremely difficult to produce correctly, and as the first step in your image capture chain, it’s extremely important.”

Formatt-Hitech’s relaunch as a brand is a genuine advancement for filter users around the world. Formatt-Hitech’s filters are widely available and typically in-stock, plus they’re made in the UK on the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the industry, so they’re extremely high quality. Now, with the video tutorial series, it’s easier than ever to choose the right filter for you. For more information, visit today.

Diffusion and Solid filters

Polarizers, warm2cool, variable

Variable ND

67, 85, 100mm

85, Lucroit, FM600


Formatt-Hitech filters are designed and manufactured in Wales, UK to scientific standards using award winning computerized technologies. Dealer orders typically ship with a 1-2 week lead time from the date of order.

Formatt-Hitech filters are designed and manufactured in Wales, UK to scientific standards using award winning computerized technologies. Dealer orders typically ship with a 1-2 week lead time from the date of order.

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