How do you revolutionize camera movement? Freefly System’s MoVI M10 handheld gimbal

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Freefly Systems has just announced what they are saying will ‘revolutionize the possibilities for camera movement' – the MoVI M10 is a 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal that is ready to change the way you shoot movies. Here it is…

Freefly Systems MoVI M10 digital gimbal

Freefly Systems MoVI M10 digital gimbal

Vincent Laforet has been teasing about this new “game changing” product that he was able to shoot with and said that it is going to “fundamentally change the way you shoot.”

Having had a bit of time to study the Freefly MoVI M10 and behind the scenes videos, I've formed a couple of opinions…

First, while I can see Vincent's excitement and can agree that if everything he says about it is true (quiet, light, easy to use) then it will change the way many shoot some scenes, but I can't see it being used for absolutely everything (and I don't think he was trying to imply that either). Especially with the trend some filmmakers have for shaky video (sometimes that drives me crazy! I want them to hold the camera still). Maybe there will be an add-on to simulate shake – ha!

Now, I have other opinions that I'll share with you coming up below – but I'm sure you want to watch the videos first… I've placed the behind the scenes video first as I think you'll want to see it in action (with some shots of the device in use and then the scene as shot on the camera) and then you'll be able to admire the short even more. That's the way it was for me when I watched them. Make sure you watch the scene with the cameraman on the roller skates carefully!

You need to wrap your head around some of these moves!

Behind the scenes

[tentblogger-vimeo 63357898]

The Freefly short “MoVI”

[tentblogger-vimeo 62917185]

Longer Short with additional footage with a Panasonic GH3

Vincent also asked us to post this…

We're providing a downloadable “Pay Per View” version with the help of Vimeo – All proceeds from the sale of the video will go to a charity on behalf of the cast and crew. The Charity is called the “Lollipop Theater Network” ( and brings the magic of movies currently in theaters to children confined to hospitals nationwide due to chronic or life-threatening illnesses.

The downloadable video includes another never before seen shoot with the “MoVI” outdoors shot on the Panasonic GH3, along with that will be 3 full ungraded extended takes from “MoVI” shot with the Canon EOS 1DC in Canon C-Log, as well as a director and inventor's commentary for the short. The Pay Per View footage is available for download for $3.

$3? That's all? Get out there and support this charity please!

Lolipop Theater Network - Bringing Movie Magic to Hospitalized Children

Lolipop Theater Network – Bringing Movie Magic to Hospitalized Children

More opinions, PRICE, press release!

shameless attempt to get you to join the planet5D forums

I'm sure you're curious about the pricing and the press release and other things I have to say about the MoVI M10, but please come to the new planet5D forums to find out more… my goal is to encourage you to join the 29,000+ members and to explore our forums – so please come to the forum for more about the Freefly MoVI M10 and then look around – I know you'll want to join and share your MoVI M10 thoughts!

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(cover photo credit: snap from Freefly Systems)