How does you monitor hold up in drop kick tests? The SmallHD AC7 results

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SmallHD sent us this video of tests they did with the SmallHD AC7 that is pretty impressive and I'm glad they did it with their own equipment, not sure i'd put anything of mine thru this kind of test on purpose!

An even mix of real-world and wildly-absurd abuse tests were performed—from a shoulder-height drop onto the ground to a field-goal-style kick into a wall, the AC7 takes a huge amount of abuse.

WARNING: This video contains violence towards electronic devices and may not suitable for all audiences. Otherwise, please pass it around : )

SmallHD AC7 results

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Torture Test Segments (by timecode)…
0:00 — AC7 rugged design introduction
1:20 — AC7 (LCD) dropped from tripod height
1:43 — AC7-OLED dropped from tripod height
2:07 — AC7-OLED lightly punted
2:20 — AC7-OLED falling out of gear case
2:38 — AC7-OLED kicked field goal style (short distance)
2:50 — AC7 (LCD) tossed onto ground (followed by poor acting)
3:20 — AC7 (LCD) used as hacky sack
3:42 — AC7 (LCD) makes Tim bleed a little
4:14 — AC7-OLED gets a headbutt from Stu
4:23 — AC7-OLED used for disc-golf (ace)
4:38 — AC7-OLED used for disc-golf (terrible miss)
4:50 — AC7 (LCD) thrown at a wall (via ping pong accident)
5:16 — AC7-OLED kicked field goal style (medium distance)
5:40 — AC7-OLED kicked field goal style (LONG distance)
6:30 — AC7-OLED outlandishly abused

Do not try this at home!

Wow, I would never put my gear thru that kind of torture intentionally but it is good to know that these things are built like tanks! I'll bet that people using these daily will appreciate the rugged construction.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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