Focusing on audio in a timelapse – just how important is it? Turn off the sound and find out

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The other day, I discovered this fascinating timelapse of New York on PetaPixel and just had to make a new friend and to write Samuel Orr (the creator) to find out a bit more.

The most fascinating thing to me about this timelapse is the audio (mostly nat sound (or ‘natural sound')) that Samuel has added. Try turning the sound off and play it the second time to see how much impact the audio really has on your perception of the short! The time he spent on the audio really made this short something much better than just the visuals.

Maybe I've just had my audio ears perked lately. I have been watching a show called “Switched at Birth” for a while and just the other day, they did a show entirely in sign language (with subtitles for those of us who don't ‘speak' the language), and at certain times during the show, they even turned off the “normal” sound effects (things like walking, background sounds, etc). And it really made me sit up and think about how much we take for granted.

If you like this, then you'll want to help Samuel out with his kickstarter project to make this timelapse into an even bigger project – read below for info from Samuel on this!

New York Day

[tentblogger-youtube R5ri9JHZgWk]

Many thanks to the generosity of the musician/composer who allowed his great celtic track “Sawjig” to be used;
Ben Rusch aka Jasmine Brunch

More from Orr (bad rhyme) and Kickstarter!

This is from Samuel especially for planet5D!

I shot New York Day over 6 weeks during trips in 2011-2012, from subway tunnels to midtown-rooftops. The primary cameras were a Canon 7d and Canon Rebel T3i, plus a couple of Nikon coolpix 5000s as backup.

I started out making nature documentaries 10 years ago, and its amazing what 1 person with a DSLR can do now. I tried to get 8-10 set-ups a day, dashing around via the subway to get light, clouds, traffic, crowds, etc., and racked up about 110,000 photos altogether. These were made into short (5 second) sequences, the best of which were blended into the final film.

I then added the city sounds you hear, almost all of which I captured on the T3i via an external mic in between time-lapse shots.

This short film has grown into a larger kickstarter project where I'm planning to include a year of change in NYC's urban and urban landscapes

Another Samuel Orr timelapse

Here's another time-lapse film you may be interested in, a year in the forest; [tentblogger-vimeo 59095595]

You can read more about “Forest Year” on Samuel's blog

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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