Canon EOS 7D Mark II test model specs? Rumor alert

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Northlight Images is reporting some interesting specs for a “test” Canon EOS 7D Mark II – of course, this is just rumor, but there are some interesting things to note…

Canon EOS 7D II “test” specs

In what we're told is info from a test camera [thanks] it seems that Canon will continue with its more modest megapixel numbers. The body was similar in size and weight to the current 7D but felt ‘more solid'.

ISO 100-25600 (L: 50, H1 51200, H2 102400)
Video ‘stills burst' mode 30/60 fps
Full HD video with manual control
Single CF card slot
19 AF Points all cross
On chip phase detect pixels for liveview and AF tracking
100% viewfinder
Viewfinder LCD higher resolution than 7D
3.2″ LCD
Alloy body with better weather sealing over 7D

If it's a test camera, then software features are likely to be incomplete, but the physical design aspects are less likely to change.

Not from a well known source, so I'm still looking for confirmation of different aspects.

Your thoughts?

I'm curious to know about the processor specs…

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(cover photo credit: snap from the Canon 7D)

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