What’s it like living on the sea for an eight year old? Excellent short film by Christine Schmitthenner

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Yesterday (as just about every day here on our little planet) we got an email from a reader, this time Christine Schmitthenner (filmmaking website & sailing website) about this little movie she had made with her Canon EOS 7D and after watching, we just had to share it with you. It is an beautiful documentary about one family and their trip around the world – focusing on the little young lady of the family, Aurora Ulani.

So we asked Christine for a bit more information – I specifically asked her how they met and how she went about beginning this project.

I´m happy that you like this film.

Since August 2012, I´m living on a sailing catamaran in the Caribbean and am a part of the world wide sailing community.

My partner Alwin has been sailing around the world for more than ten years and met Aurora Ulani, Gloria and Holger with their catamaran DHARMA BUM III (see their website) 5 years ago in New Zealand. They spent 5 months together in Whangarei to repair their boats.

We have been in Chaguaramas in Trinidad since October 2012 with our own catamaran just as the DHARMA BUM III arrived to finish their circumnavigation. They started their journey at this same place six years ago.

Alwin was always in contact with them thru the years through email and facebook.

I became interested in their story as we were sitting together in the cockpit of DHARMA BUM III after this big “hallo” that happens when old sailors meet each other again after a long time. I was fascinated by this little Aurora Ulani. She was speaking in 3 languages at the same time! Chinese with her mum, German with her dad and with us and English in an absolutely perfect style.

I got the idea to make a film about this girl and the family and asked for permission.

At first, Ulani was a little bit shy. But after a while she started to talk about her life at the boat, about the journey and about her friends. For Ulani is this lifestyle absolutely normal. She can´t understand that people are living in houses with cars and without dinghies.

And the result is this film.

Many greetings from Grenada,
Christine and Alwin.

Aurora Ulani

[tentblogger-vimeo 58765661]


I met Aurora Ulani and her parents Gloria and Holger at the anchorage of Chaguaramas in Trinidad.
They just finished their six year long circumnavigation with their catamaran DHARMA BUM III.
My partner Alwin met DHARMA BUM III already 5 years ago in New Zealand.

All shots are handheld with a Canon 7D.

Music: Audiojungle
Consolation by Jochem Weierink,
Relax and Be Calm by Improve Audio
Ocean by Andrey Lvov

Christine also noted in the vimeo comments she used these lenses:
sigma 30mm f1.4
tokina 11-16mm f2.8
sigma 50-150mm f2.8

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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