Watch this lens battle! Canon Cinema Primes vs. Canon L Series by Jon Yi

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Jonathan Yi (creator of the famous “Revealing new Canon EOS C300 ‘test’ video from Jon Yi“) has done it again (and given planet5D worldwide first showing) – this time creating a battle of the Canon prime lenses – both L versions and Cinema versions. Give it a watch! I'm sure you'll enjoy the distraction and then have to watch it again to see the comparisons.

If you'd like to know more about Jon, we did a live interview with him you can see here.

Canon Cinema Primes vs. Canon L Series

Note: There's a bit that might be NSFW (language and skin and just over all rebellious attitude). [tentblogger-vimeo 56357604]

Jon's Description

My friends at Canon USA allowed me the opportunity to field test their amazing new Cinema Prime Lenses. I originally convinced Canon to allow me to borrow the three lenses for my personal documentary shoot on Peelander-Z. Using the lenses immediately made the project look so much better, especially combined with my custom Ergocine rig on concert shoots. But like many documentaries, the project ended up expanding into something much larger than I originally anticipated and it came time for me to return the lenses to Canon. I was able to buy some more time with the lenses with the understanding that I'd make this test video for them.

After asking some friends and people on twitter what they'd like to see, it became clear that many people wanted to see comparisons with Canon's L series lenses. My friend, Alex Kurze, hooked me up with the L series lenses to test from Abel Cine Tech for this purpose. If I had more time, or any sort of budget, I would have liked to test a comparison with the Zeiss CP2s as well.

All of this was shot on my Canon EOS C300. Though I'm not yet ready to share footage from my personal documentary project, I ended up loving the cinema lenses so much that I got a set of my own to finish my documentary. My friend Paul Yee also used the cinema primes on a upcoming music video for Bob Mould which will be out at the end of the month. He also really loves the lenses now.

I encourage people to try the lenses, but it's dangerous because you might end up having to buy them for yourself. Lenses are a bad addiction to have. But at least they are a better investment than cameras these days.


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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    1. I am very curious to know the performance of 2. Canon prime lenses (L Series USM) 14mm (2.8), 24mm (1.4), 35mm (1.4) 50mm (1.2), 85mm (1.2) and 135 (F2) mm on C500 camera…… any one has idea ?

  6. This post was soo good.
    To be honest, I think that one should even be happy with L lens. If there is valid content, cine lesnes will thrown at us in the future. Until we have something valid to say, we should be glad if we can even afford L lenses:)

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