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WARNING – animals are maimed in this movie.

Andrew Wonder sent us this documentary/Canon EOS 1D C test short and I eagerly started watching to see how the camera performed; I was quickly drawn into the story; and then quite frankly, I couldn't watch any more. So watch with a wary eye – you may never eat lobster or shellfish of any kind ever again.

Make sure to read the vimeo comments below as well – Andrew's got some insight after using the Canon EOS 1D C to share.


[tentblogger-vimeo 58081462]


This film captures the life and journey of a lobster. The more time I spent with her the more human she became. I was completely unprepared for what I would see.The film was shot entirely on the Canon 1DC with a Zeiss ZE 28mm and 100mm Makro. With the 1DC I was able to retain the flexibility of shooting with a DSLR while getting detail and clarity beyond what has been previously possible. In this case I believe 4K was essential for bringing this story to life.The film is not color corrected to give viewers an idea of how this camera handles doc situations without manipulation. All the sound was recorded with the onboard camera mic. I directed and shot the film without any support rig. Justin Sharp edited it together.To learn more about how lobsters are treated and used for food please

Also some additional info in the vimeo comments from Andrew:

Zane, I agreed with you for a long time till I shot with the 1DC in 4K mode and 1080p and compared. First off I was shocked by how much sharper and detailed the image was when squeezed down to 1080p. Also the better compression gave me so much more detail and dynamic range.
For building compassion for the lobsters it was important you see every detail on their face, eyes and shell. I truly don't believe the 5D or 7D could have done it the same way. Maybe with the 100L macro but that 24-105 has problems with find details (even though I love it).

I've been shooting with all the setups you've described for a long time and love them all. The 1DC is something new and different. Yes I could have made this with a 5D or 7D but I truly believe the 4K enhanced the film in building the content I wanted.

It means a lot you thought the film was good enough that it would have worked in any format. Let me know if you have any other questions or comments.


A camera if your paintbrush. I fell in love with the 5D when I made undercity because it was the first tool I've ever had that allowed me to make images no one had ever seen before. Despite it's flaws it's still perfect to me.

The 1DC is a new paintbrush and what I love about it is that even though it's expensive I can use it the way I used to use the 5D but get a lot more quality and bang for my buck.

I'm not a huge cinestyle fan. I always go for the look I want in camera because it's hard for me to emotionally connect with a flat image when I shoot. I think this is a great in between profile ( Even when I'm grading at a big color place we always seem to do better with this on 5D footage than the flatter profiles.


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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