Come and get your Canon EOS 1D C 4k video samples here on planet5D! Can your machine cope?

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We've had the Canon EOS 1D C and have been testing 4k video for about a week – now here's your chance to get your hands on Canon EOS 1D C 4k video samples here on planet5D! Can your machine cope? If you have trouble (and are using FCPX – please see this “Canon EOS 1D C 4k video to FCPX ingest workflow for Mac” on how my workflow).

These two samples (both of the St. Louis Arch) are shot in Canon Log on the Canon EOS 1D C with a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II lens – so you should have the most latitude to stretch your coloring chops! You are welcome to download the samples and we'd all love to see how you'd color these samples! Please post a link in the comments when you upload your sample!

But, before I give you the download links, please watch this daily planet5D episode where I show you a couple of other samples and quick tests of magnification and coloring.

daily planet5D – Canon EOS 1D C 4k video samples

[tentblogger-youtube 2RV4sdIPq30]

Download Links!

I have never shared via – so I'm not sure if there are any limits on how many people can download… if it gets shut down, I'll find some other place to host the videos – but lucky for you, the URL will stay the same. The Wetransfer site says the link will be active for 2 weeks

You are free to share these with others, but please please include a link back to this post (use so people can see any updates if the links are down etc!
Here are the download links:

Please keep your eye on planet5D in the coming weeks for more Canon EOS 1D C info! I do plan on also sharing more video samples including some examples of the Super35 cropping and high ISO samples.

(cover photo credit: snap from the day at the Missouri Botanical Gardens)


  1. Thanks for these samples! I was looking forward to them.
    Some questions:
    1)did you notice 8bit gradients in 4K
    2) Is the noise filmic? Can younoitice some nasty macroblocking?
    3) How does the footage behave in 24P? Does it stutter?
    Again, thank s for your answer.

  2. Downloaded sample #2. In FCP X the file is clipping at ~80 on the IRE scale. It happens throughout the video as you change aperture settings.

    Wonder if that’s normal or if something was set wrong when shooting. C300 C-log footage doesn’t clip until about 110/115.

    If normal then maybe it’s the difference in dynamic between C300 and 1DC?….

    Or could be a camera issue? FCP X issue with 4K footage?

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  4. HUGE thanks for this. While I’m none too fond of the 1DC’s price vs capabilities, for what it does, it does damn well.

  5. Interesting that PhotoJPEG codec is less efficient than ProRes 422. Transcoded the first clip to ProRes 422 and it was 792 MB opposed to the original file of 820MB of the original PhotoJPEG.

  6. awesome
    this is film not longer video
    super in Ppro cs6 with Looks2 great so perfect
    wonderful tool for photographers
    canon did it again

  7. I also tried the footage in fcpx. The highlights are clipped at 80 and the black floor is at about 15. Is this right?

    1. Threw it into Resolve and it interprets the footage the same way. Whites are clipping at 80IRE.

  8. Good stuff. I’m shocked at how well a heavy grade holds up. Can’t believe it’s 8 bit. Any chance of posting some 1080 Super 35 footage? Thanks.

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