Canon EOS 1D C 4k video to FCPX ingest workflow for Mac

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So, can my iMac handle editing 4k video from the Canon EOS 1D C?


I'm using FCPX to do my editing and it now handles not only the motion JPEG from the Canon EOS 1D C, but it will handle RED and Scarlet footage as well.

Since I've got this Canon EOS 1D C on loan from B&H PhotoVideo for the next month, of course I wanted to quickly see how well (or even if) I could edit the 4k video on my iMac and how i'd do the ingest (import).

I have a 2012 iMac with the i7 processor and 32gb of RAM… plus a 1TB fusion drive.. so this tends to be fairly high end as compared to a macbook pro for example. By using the proxy video, you should be able to edit quite easily.

What you have to watch out for is the CF card speed! I have a 60mbs card (400x) and after about 20-30 seconds, the buffer fills and the Canon EOS 1D C stops recording. Boo!

I'll have more on card speed later in this series.

Canon EOS 1D C 4k video to FCPX ingest workflow for Mac

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  1. Neat. You could also transcode and work it that way. Motion JPEG is very hard to work with for any computer at 4K. I wonder how well Premiere would handle it though. Any chance you could send a tiny clip so I could test?

  2. Interesting that they are using motion Jpeg for 4K. I always saw that as a proxy format. I used motion jpeg to offline a 120 hour project a few years back. Thanks for the heads up on the 60 mbs card. Good to know.

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