Sliders are old school right? Can they be reinvented? Find out soon!

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planet5D sponsor edelkrone has sent us a big slider tease – so I ask “A slider is a slider right? Can they be reinvented?” edelkrone will tell us if they can reinvent the slider soon! 12.12.12 to be exact.

I haven't yet seen what edelkrone has done, but I'm eager to know what is going on! The did tell me it is “designed to tackle the most common but not yet resolved problem of the slider.” Does that give you any hints?

You can find out here on 12.12 or you can like their facebook event page for the launch

edelkrone slider reinvented

What is it?

Any guesses what it is going to be? Can anything new really be done?

Claiming they're ‘reinventing' the slider is pretty bold. Hope they can back that up!

(cover photo credit: snap from the edelkrone promo)


  1. Common problems with sliders:

    Sitcky carriage on slider
    Carriage wobble
    Rainbow effect when mounted on tripod
    Legs that aren’t too fiddly or restrictive

    Fix the above and they’re onto a winner!

  2. My guess is it’s totally self-contained. Meaning, no tripod needed, built in motor drive, no ball head needed for vertical applications, folds up quickly into a single unit, small enough to pack almost anywhere, and last but not least, priced into the stratosphere.

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