Light An Interview for only $26? Impossible right? @stillmotion shows you how!

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Everyone knows you can't light an interview for only $26 – it is just impossible right? Well, our good friends over at stillmotion show us how they made the cheapest lighting they could come up with.

And, they want you to know about the SMAPP app they released earlier this year (and planet5D was the first to review it on the planet – see the review here) – but the big news here is that as of now, all of the videos that were an extra charge inside the app are now totally free! Yes, my biggest issue about the app is now resolved.

I asked patrick about that and he replied:

SMAPP tutorials are 100% free for now and ever 🙂 Through KNOW and everything else this year we've had such great support and we wanted to release this free as a thank you.

Light An Interview for $26

[tentblogger-vimeo 55993146]

More about SMAPP and the lighting

We've been wanting to make this one for quite some time. How affordably could we light an interview that is good enough to go on primetime? It can be easy to get lost in all of the toys and tools and forget the basics. When you really understand how your choices add to story, you can often do so so much with so little. Here we share how to light an interview with just $26 including where to get each item and how we setup the lights.

This tutorial is a special one we created to celebrate our launch of SMAPP as 100% free from top to bottom. We've had such tremendous support from our community that we wanted to give back and open up everything in SMAPP. SMAPP is a filmmaking app to help you always push your story forward. Check it out on the Apple App store or at

Read more about our changes to SMAPP on our blog:

Thanks for your continued support!!


(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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