Magic Lantern hacked the Canon EOS M! They’re unstoppable!

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The amazing and unstoppable team over at Magic Lantern has hacked the Canon EOS M camera in a stunning development announced over the weekend!

These guys and gals are absolutely amazing and why Canon hasn't contacted them to buy the functionality or hire them to work for Canon I don't know!

The Canon EOS M is a “point and shoot” but it has gotten some good reviews (very good one at lensrentals) and tho it is a bit slow to autofocus, it is amazing to see the Magic Lantern team hacking into just about everything!

Canon EOS M hacked!

Here's the screenshot of the “hello world” image

EOS M hacked by Magic Lantern!

Additional info

Another cannon EOS M/magic lantern image has been posted showing some of the menu functions that are currently working

BTW menu works and can be walked. Need to figure out how to work with the small amount of buttons we have (until later when we unlock how to use the touch screen). up/down/left/right can walk the menu, play/set either toggle a setting or open a sub menu. haven't enabled any features yet.

EOS M / Magic Lantern shows off menu functioning

via Magic Lantern Team Hacks the Canon EOS M « Canon Rumors.

(cover photo credit: snap from the magic lantern site)


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