Rigwheels announces a slew of new products – plus a GIVEAWAY!

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Our friends over at Rigwheels have just announced a slew of new products to help photographers and Filmmakers – and we're going to be doing 4 giveaways starting today and we'll do another one every week this month!

To see all their new and previous products: RigWheels Product page with all products

Read about the new products and then scroll down to enter this week's giveaway!

Don't forget – get your friends and enemies to help you win – after you enter, you'll get a personalized special link – get friends to click that and you'll get additional entries to the giveaway!

Rigwheels DIY gear

RigWheels has just released an array of new products (watch the video below for info on all of them!) and tools designed for moving and mounting your camera in unique and versatile ways.

Previously known as a DIY only tool, RigWheels new assortment offers complete flexibility in allowing you to scale your solution from DIY to complete system. The key benefit to this new system is in how the various parts can be interchanged and configured into different types of dollies, sliders, and mounts.

One of the most interesting and original items in the line is the RigMount, a high-powered rare-earth magnet with surprising strength in mounting applications for video as well as still photography.

RigWheels has managed to turn a few simple, well thought out parts into a very versatile and capable system at an affordable price.

It’s been an exciting 18 months for us since we launched RigWheels. We’ve seen enthusiastic customers designing and building camera movement rigs in more than 65 countries. RigWheels of course started as a DIY dolly solution. Moving forward we will continue showing people how to build DIY options but we are now happy to offer complete solutions for customers.

New product video

[tentblogger-vimeo 47686186]

Rigwheels Giveaway – week 1

Win a RigWheels Kit 4

RigWheels Kit 4 is comprised of 1 RigPlate and 4 of our industrial strength suction cups ‘A-Cups'. This configuration can be used to mount cameras as well as many standard production tools such as lights, flags, clamps, arms etc…

With the 14 tapped holes in our RigPlate you'll have the mounting options to be able to place your camera or piece of gear in just the right spot to get the shot.

Before you enter – we've got another special bonus for the winner! If you win and then send in a video of the demonstration/assembly of the rig or a finished video of something they used it on, RigWheels will send you the additional parts needed for a RigWheels RailDolly.

Here's a demo of the Kit in use!
[tentblogger-vimeo 48053270] Disclaimer: This product should always be used with a secondary form of mounting. You should never leave a RigWheels suction mount unattended while in operation as there is always a chance that it my unexpectedly come loose and cause damage to yours and/or others property. RigWheels LLC is not liable for any damages arising from or caused by the use of this product.

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  1. I’d stick it to a window, high up and capture some interesting time lapses!

  2. I’d stick it to the top of a crane on the next construction shoot I do for a modular home company.

  3. I would stick it where the sun don’t shine.
    out side the top floor window of our circa 1905 building for some cool crane-ish shots for a short.

  4. I’d use it for a music video that I’m going to help shoot for a local musician – would take it to the next level!

  5. I’d like to use it for a music video that I’m helping to shoot – could take this local musician to the next level!

  6. I’d rig it on a rollercoaster… with permission of the amusement park, of course.

  7. On an exterior facing elevator with human subject in the frame and the ground and skyline in the other part. Would look sick going up.

  8. I’ve been wanted to shoot a Chicago traffic timelapse video for my niece and her school Flat Stanley project. So that’s where I’d stick it, in my car for the traffic.

  9. Definitely on my car, and wherever else that calls for a shot like that. 😀

  10. I’d stick it to the window on our blackhawk helicopter on our next flight.

  11. Taking a flight on a blackhawk for some aerial shots of our Army Labs. Gonna stick that sucker on the gunner’s window.

  12. i would stick it to my snowboard and get some nice on board shots, no pun intended.

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