GoPro Hero 3 rocking 4k and 2.7k!

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GoPro Hero 3

The biggest small news in cameras in perhaps years.

GoPro have announced their new camera the Hero 3, successor to the much loved Hero 2, Hero HD and original Hero. Forget anything from Canon, Nikon, Red, Blackmagic or the rest. Regardless of price, I don't think we’ve seen a camera upgrade from anyone that had this much of a jump in usable appeal from a previous model.

The GoPro Hero3 comes in 3 colors each offering different specs but here we will focus on their premium GoPro HERO3: Black Edition at $399.99.

The big surprise is resolution jumping from 1920×1080 to 2704×1528 in 30, 25 and 24p. 2.7k might be an odd size but this should allow cropping, panning etc within the frame that really wasn’t an option before. There is also a 4k 12-15fps mode. I’m curious to know what we are meant to do with 12fps.

But 1080p can record up to 60fps which was previously only available in 720p. And in 720p you can now record at 120fps. To me thats the sweet spot right there. 120fps are enough frames per second to smoothly slow most sports footage and 720p is generally able to be intercut with 1080p so this should be very interesting to see what people start doing with it.  Theres also 100fps at 1280×960.

The new cameras also feature the new ProTune mode which is a flat camera profile for better grading in post.

On the still frame side the black edition is 12mp with many new options as well as more interval timer rates for timelapse recording.

The new models are also 30% smaller, have higher bit rates, built in WiFi and a remote control comes included in the price on the black edition.

Pre-order now!

GoPro HERO3: Silver Edition
GoPro HERO3: Black Edition

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  1. 4k at 15 fps will net you some great flexibility when shooting action shoots and later being able to grab stills from them.
    A lot of people/reviewers will talk down the Hero 3’s amazing new HD functions but no other recorder in the industry comes close… Including Digital SLRs

    1. Excellent point about grabbing a still from the video, I didn’t think of that, and it makes complete sense, since 12 fps is not usable as video.

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