daily planet5D #40 – Event Manager X – great solution to FCPX long load times

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One day I was complaining on Twitter that Final Cut Pro 10 took forever to load because I had so many events and didn't know how to manage them. Then a couple of people tweeted me about Event Manager X and so I tried it out and this is my report. To visit their website, go to planet5D.com/emx

Event Manager X

[tentblogger-youtube 5BnUqKsqbXc]

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  1. Hey Mitch,

    I just got this app a couple of weeks ago, and it is a must have for anyone using FCPX. I may be wrong be that issue you have with EMX not remembering what you’ve checked when moving from that app, you must still click that move events and projects button anytime you check or uncheck anything within the app, otherwise EMX has no idea what you’ve done. Beings it is a stand alone app, you can also do all your moving of events and projects without having FCPX launched.

    Another way of achieving the same result without this app, is to create sparse disk images for every project you create for FCPX. These sparse disk images can then be mounted to FCPX as you see fit.

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