Update on Magic Lantern on the Canon EOS 7D – a demo video!

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With the announcement of magic lantern running on the Canon 7D yesterday, many people had questions about how functional it really is and we found this video that gives us a great idea.

The sample shows us magic lantern running on a 7D with version 2.0.3 of the Canon firmware and that many of the firmware features are working.

It is also cool to note they're already thinking about the new Canon cameras! from the description on the video:

Also feel free to donate – the upcoming camera models are already in focus.

Magic Lantern – Canon EOS 7D Demo

* Note – there's no audio on this clip. [tentblogger-youtube 9R-teVHSdtk]


This video shows a demo of the early port of Magic Lantern v2.3 on an EOS 7D v2.0.3.

Many things are working, mainly LiveView features, but also features like Trap Focus.

As soon we worked out some method to start ML on *your* camera in a safe way,
we will prepare an alpha version for you.

Also feel free to donate – the upcoming camera models are already in focus.

I urge you to support the Magic Lantern team!

I've said this on earlier posts about magic lantern, and I'm going to say it again, please, if you use magic lantern, donate to the team! Support them with a bit of cash!

Click to go to the ML page and DONATE! Even just a few dollars would be great

via Magic Lantern – Canon EOS 7D Demo Video – YouTube.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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