daily planet5D #35 – Digital Convergence Podcast

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For those of you who may not know all or may not listen to very many podcasts, I thought I would let you know about the digital convergence podcast. Of course if you read the blog regularly you already know that I'm a co-host of this program and every week I post the latest episode.

But i'd like to encourage you to take a listen – it may just be something you're very interested in hearing – and you could listen on the way to work or while on the can or you can put on headphones when you go to bed and let us get into your head subliminally! HA

daily planet5D #35 – Digital Convergence Podcast

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Here's how to get all the episodes:

Don't forget! You can get this as an audio only file: daily planet5D audio #35


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(cover photo credit: snap from the podcast)

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