daily planet5D #7 – Sara Forrest

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Episode #7 – Sara Forrest

Over the weekend I had an adventure helping out at crew working with New Balance (they make shoes and clothing) at the St Louis Run for the Cure – a Susan B Komen Breast Cancer org

The team was lead by my new friend Sara Forrest – she was my artist pick of the week a few weeks ago on the Digital Convergence Podcast and it was great to meet her and Roberto and Jim who were doing stills and video of the event.

I got to play boom mic guy for the morning (and call time was 5:30 am! Yikes!). My first time doing the boom mic on some interviews and following Roberto around doing sound on the behind the scenes video he was shooting.

I didn't have time to shoot my own BTS because I was working the boom, but I did grab a quick interview with Sara and a few shots on the way home (tho I learned that I didn't shoot enough grab shots!)

You can see the video Sara mentions “Fly Over Country” down at the bottom of this post

#7 – Sara Forrest

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Fly Over Country

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