announcing the “daily planet5D” – episode 1 – in the beginning

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The very first episode of my ‘daily planet5D' report. Going to make an attempt to do a video each weekday to document things I'm learning about HDSLRs (no I don't know everything yet) as well as highlighting some of the hot news and what is going on in the HDSLR community.

You'll be able to get the ‘daily planet5D' via iTunes in our old planet5D podcast stream, as well as on the planet5D vimeo channel, you tube channel, and if you want audio only, we've got that too!

Note: I know the audio is a bit hot on this episode. Noticed it after the recording was complete and I'm aiming to do the show without editing. Next one will be better!

daily planet5D – #1 – in the beginning

[tentblogger-youtube Wr0THDPSGdw]

Audio only

Here's the mp3 for download

There's an RSS feed for the audio stream if you'd like – planet5D podcast Audio only RSS

Show Notes

Show background – inspired by jem – daily, stuff about the blog, things I've learned, cool kickstarter projects etc.

first, i'd like to thank Marcelo Savio for my opening graphics – he's working on a new edition for the daily planet5D.


Friday – Canon Rebel T4i announced

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today on planet5D cinema:
Bancroft's Castle: Under the Midnight Sun (Timelapse) from Ron Risman


Canon Rebates (USA) on 7D, 60D, T3i, Lenses and more! thru June 2

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Alright, DP5D, to supplement the greatest website in the universe! Cool!

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