Sol: Sun Clock 1.2 for iPad and iPhone – Great for photogs and location scouting

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The other day, we got an email from Alec Vance (designer/programmer/etc Juggleware LLC) about this new iPhone/iPad app “Sol: Sun Clock” and a promo code to try it out. After just a few minutes with it we decided to share it with you as you will probably be interested in it.

It will work in conjunction with some other iPhone apps like “Sun Seeker” but they do show different data – and this is the first solar time app I've seen that has alarms in it… great for times where you want to be reminded that the golden hour is starting for example.

Since your site is such a great resource for photographers and camera buffs, I hope you will take a look at my new iPhone app, Sol: Sun Clock.

It's what I am calling a “daylight forecaster and solar alarm clock.” It's gotten nothing but 5 star reviews, excepting a handful of 4-stars. Photographers and filmmakers have found it especially useful. I use it to take photos and plan my bike rides.

Everything you need to know about the app is at

Sol: Sun Clock Video overview

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We developed Sol because no other app in the App Store could bring you clear information about the day's sunlight and let you set alarms that would repeat according to your schedule.

  • Be in tune: Sol will tell you how much sunlight you have left in the day or what time the next sunrise occurs.
  • Find sunrise and sunset times, solar midnight and solar noon.
  • Find the beginning and ends of all three twilight (dawn and dusk) periods: astronomical twilight, nautical twilight, and civil twilight, plus the golden hour (aka magic hour).
  • Keep tabs on the next solstice and equinox.
  • Any date. Set a date for the past or the future to see what its times look like.
  • Alarm feature: Have Sol:Sun Clock fire off a reminder tied to any solar event (like sunset, golden hour or solar noon), and the alarm time will adjust gradually as the days change with the seasons.
  • Automatic Location: Sol not only calculates the amount of daylight and sunrise and sunset times, but does so for any location in the world (both Northern and Southern hemispheres) by using your device's GPS… .
  • No network connection needed. Sol: Sun Clock uses pure astronomical mathematics to calculate sun positions based on any location and date.
  • Other locations: Optionally, use the built-in map to choose any location in the world by moving the pin, or search using the name of any city.
  • Optional location-aware alarms. Sol knows when you change with your location; and as you travel it will adjust any alarms you set relative to sunrise and sunset times. Create alarms for multiple locations around the world!

Features, Hints, and Tips

  • Unique feature: the only app with audible alarms you can use to set to
    variable minutes before/after sunrise, sunset, solar noon/midnight, AND dawn/dusk twilight periods
  • only app with sun timers that can be set to be repeatable or attached to a distinct day
  • Sol doesn't need to be running to cancel alarms
  • View solar periods of the day represented in 24-hour circle in zoom-out mode
  • Location-aware using your phone's GPS
  • Set manual location by moving pin on map or typing in city name
  • move wheel with thumb to see what the rest of the day will look like
  • tap on date to look at a different date
  • tap on time zone to pick a different time zone to use
  • tap on left and right arrows in toolbar to see previous and next sun events
  • tap on info (“i”) button to see all today's times in a chart
  • tap on pin to change your location
  • tap on refresh button in toolbar to reset to present time and/or location
  • tap on settings button to hide twilight periods or adjust golden hour elevation
  • double-tap earth (green area) or pinch to zoom out and see 24-hour view (iPhone only)
  • scrolling tickers show times until/since nearest daily event and equinox or solstice

Disclaimer: these guys are not a planet5D sponsor but they did give us the $2.99 app for free to try out. We publish gear news because our users have asked us to let them know when we find things that may help them improve their shooting. If you're a gear maker and would like us to publish your HDSLR related products, please contact planet5D

(cover photo credit: snap from the iTunes store)

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