First video with the Phantom Miro M120 – need slowmo?

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Jim Geduldick sent us this slow mo beast video – shot with the new Phantom Miro M120! Since slowmo is the next shallow depth of field, we thought we'd share to get you all excited.

Days Out with the Phantom Miro M120

[tentblogger-vimeo 41402034]

Jim's description

I was lucky enough to be the first person to shoot with the new Vision Research Phantom M120 camera systems. This is just a sample of a project I have had in my head for a while. With help from Abel Cine I was able to test out the camera's before they shipped and put this little edit together. Being able to have a small form factor high speed camera like this for my projects is a long time wish.

Shot on location at Camp Woodward PA & NYC

Skate/BMX/MotoX riders-

Kevin Tierney,Kevin Grahm,Ryan Banach,Chad Kagy,Ben Hatchell,Alistair Whitton

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Jim Geduldick

1st AC: Greg Wilson

2nd AC: Zack Mctee

Stills Photographer: Dave Gittleman

Behind the Scenes- Dave Metty, Cody Stauder,Jorge Jovel

AC-RB Umali

Stuntman/Pyro- Alistair Whitton

Music-Reaching out – Nero -Album Welcome Reality ft Daryl Hall

Special thanks to-

Abel Cine

Vision Research

Camp Woodward/Woodward Films

Kessler Crane




Wooden Camera


Flanders Scientific



Red Rock Micro

Mac Group-Kupo Grip


Red Giant Software

The Diamond Brothers

Shot on Phantom Miro M series

Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 & After Effects CS6

Graded in Davinci Resolve

Plugins- Red Giant Denoiser II

Apple Mac Pro & Macbook Pro

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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