DitoGear™ InMotion NAB 2012 plus a $2500 DitoGear giveaway!

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Are you going to NAB? If so, you'll definitely want to stop in to one or more of these DitoGear sessions! Not only that, but whether you are going to NAB or not, you'll want to enter this give away of one a DitoGearOmniSlider 1.0m that is worth USD $2500.00!

Please read about the events below and scroll down to enter the giveaway! And notice there are multiple ways you can gain entry to the giveaway plus if you get your friends to click a link, you'll get 5 entries for each friend who does! So please make sure you share this giveaway with everyone you know!

DitoGear™ InMotion NAB 2012

DitoGear in cooperation with Chronos FilmFestival and indTV present DitoGear™ InMotion NAB2012. During the evenings of NAB 2012 show take advantage of an opportunity to see, touch and evaluate a wide range of motion control equipment from DitoGear™ and complementary gear from partners, such as Cinevate, SmallHD and SwitchBladeGrip in a quiet offsite demo suite.

Hospitality suite demos

The DitoGearTM InMotion 2012 demo suite will be located at the MGM Grand Towers Las Vegas. A wide range of DitoGear™ equipment as well as knowledgeable hosts will be at your disposal. The suite can also be thought of as a place to relax, network and recharge your batteries before hitting the town for the other NAB events. There’ll be snacks, beverages and gear drawings to make your time even more fun and relaxing.

The demo gear includes 4 full DitoGearOmniSlider Setups with OmniHeads, LensDrives and additional accessories provided by our partners: Cinevate, Zacuto, SmallHD and SwitchBladeGrip.

Midnight Motion on the Strip

Midnight Motion on the Strip photowalks will give you chance to test the equipment on the strip, mostly in and around the south strip intersection of the MGM/NYNY/Excaliber/Tropicana, with a possible run up to the Bellagio/Ceasars areas. We’ll be loaning DitoGear set-ups to shooters and providing personal guides to help you test the gear in a real world environment. Limited sign-ups in the suite. You’ll be using your own camera / card and taking the images with you.

Desert Timelapse Shooting Trip

Thursday is a big day. DitoGear is sponsoring a catered timelapse/starlapse field trip to an amazing location in nearby desert (details to be unveiled), which will allow you to test the equipment in the field during a late afternoon/evening shoot. Mid-afternoon transportation from the MGM, as well as snacks, beverages and motion control gear will be provided for a group limited to 12 participants. Sign-ups at the demo suite. You’ll be using your own camera / card and taking the images with you.

Schedule and event details


Chronos Film FestivalIndTVPlanet5DCinevateSmallHDZacuto USASwitchBladeGrip

Keep in touch

Event website: www.ditogear.com/inmotion2012
Twitter hashtag: #InMotion2012
Twitter: @ditogear, @ricphoto, @pacocreative

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Win the DitoGear™ OmniSlider 1.0m Worth USD 2500.00!

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The Widget below will guide you through the process. The more you help us, the more chances you have. Contest closes on Sunday 15th. Winners to be announced by Mitch Aunger of planet5D on Friday, April 20th at DitoGear™ and planet5D websites. Good luck!

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  1. DitoGear would get me out of the edit suite and into the field to make some pretty pictures!

  2. I would take it with me on all of my shoots in the snowboard industry.

  3. Ditogear will help me pursue my dreams of becoming a filmmaker. me being 17 years old, has difficulties dealing with financial issues. i cannot afford to buy the equipment i need. i am just a kid chasing his dreams

  4. I would love to take my photography to the next level using these incredible tools!

  5. I’d make some way cool timelapses and video tours of architecture and home interiors

  6. I could finally dump my Kessler stuff which, by comparison, is Neanderthal.

  7. I’d do that short I wrote right. And keep it in the toolbox for my growing video business

  8. With the DitoGear OmniSlider I could review it and share it with thousands of people across the globe with my online blog DSLRfilmmaker.com which I run to help other filmmakers learn about DSLRfilmmaking. It would also allow me to get more into timelaps and help me progress further.

  9. i would use to it pursue my film making career and make my self top of the uk film making list by creating some unique and cool shots in my films.

  10. I’d get into timelapse, because there is so much beautiful scenery and so many cool stories where I live, getting this would give me even better tools to express these things!

  11. I would probably take it to my room and shag it 🙂 No really, the omnislider would give me the right camera motion I need to film my ‘backyard fairies’ project.

  12. would make the new short film I’ve been writing for the last few weeks, need a quality slider for the slo-motion shots at the start 🙂

  13. I would try and do something amazing like “The Chapel” – if I could make a time lapse one tenth as good as that I would be very pleased! 🙂

  14. I would use the slider to work on timelapse promos for small businesses up in Alaska. Also, for timelapse glacier and mountain video this coming winter.

  15. I would use it as another tool in my arsenal. It’s all about having the right tool for the job!

  16. I’d primarily use it for narrative films. Experimenting with night time lapses in the southern hemisphere would also be a main use.

  17. I would use the slider for timelapses in my documentary about my journey where I hike, bike, and paddle from Alaska to Argentina. If the “One Man, One Journey” documentary doesn’t get funded on kickstarter in the next 2 weeks, then I will use the slider on my adventures in New Zealand.

  18. DitoGear OmniSlider would get me kick started in the art of timelapsing and night shooting. Always has been a passion of mine.

  19. I would finally be able to try timelapse like I have always wanted to! I would definitely use it on my trip to Thailand this year!

  20. I’ve always wanted to do those beautiful timelapse I see on the net, but I can’t because I don’t have the right gear! But with the Omnislider, I can pretty much do anything my heart’s desire. This is also gonna be useful when I shoot my film in the summer!

  21. Two projects waiting a slider. A music video for a singer songwriter & a product video for a local custom guitar builder.

    Pick ME!!! 🙂

  22. I would use it to create films, web series, music videos, everything.

  23. Would love to be able to shoot some music videos with this. I used to think sliders were an expendable piece of gear, but I used one for the first time recently — it blew my mind just thinking about how much more dynamic my shots would be with one!

  24. I would use the slider to create motion capture virtual portraits of the people I interview for my documentaries in their natural environments. Also for intricate music videos requiring a lot of in camera effects work where motion capture is necessary.

  25. I really love the idea of incorporating time lapse into the shorts that I make / shoot for. Having this little bit of equipment would help me make the quality that much better! Could also use the slider without the time lapse for any studio shoots that I have at work, adding a bit of flair onto my talking heads and b roll

  26. Stock timelapses, cool movie montage scenes, music videos…so many possibilities!

  27. I’d use it for complex timelapse photographs and videos that I currently cannot do.

  28. The DitoGear Omnislider Servo would be great for those super silky smooth slow tracking conversation shots, purely to keep the pace going in my short films!

  29. Id finally be able to do professional quality time-lapse. Id want to incorporate it into some short films that i want to make coming up to help show the passage of time and space

  30. I think the answer is more like: What WOULDN’T I do with the Omnislider! Everything from time lapse to nature/wildlife photography, Auto/Motorcycle… No limits!

  31. With Omnislider I would continue to advance my film making skills focusing on the sights and culture of the Pacific Northwest region.

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