BREAKING NEWS – PRE-ORDER!! Blackmagic reveals Blackmagic Cinema Camera at NAB 2012

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Blackmagic Desgin Unveals Cinema Camera at NAB 2012


Now available for pre-order at B&H Photo!

Please click the link – it is an affiliate link and buying thru this link helps support planet5D and feed my family! Thank you! (you can also click the image below)

New Cinema Style Camera with Canon EF and ZF mounts

2.5 imaging sensor, shooting 12bit CinemaRAW DNG files

Blackmagic Cinema Camera features a high resolution sensor with wide dynamic range so it’s perfect for independent film, television commercials and episodic television production. DaVinci Resolve software for Mac™ and Windows™ is included so you can work at the highest quality and get the best results. Blackmagic Cinema Camera is both affordable and a complete solution because it includes a built-in recorder and monitoring, so it’s perfect for displacing video-only cameras for work such as sporting events, weddings, music videos and more!

Blackmagic Cinema Camera is the first camera to feature built-in metadata entry so your files include information compatible with popular editing software. This dramatically speeds up the whole post production process! Entering metadata is easy. Simply tap the capacitive LCD touchscreen to display the slate where you can enter information such as shot number, search tags, scene number, timecode and more! You can even set shot number and other data to increment automatically!

Features a built-in SSD recorder that allows 2.5K uncompressed CinemaDNG RAW 12-bit capture as well as Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD compressed video formats. All file formats are open standard and used by NLE software so you get the only camera designed from the ground up to be part of a whole post production workflow! When you’ve finished shooting, simply connect the SSD to your computer and edit or color your shots straight from the disk!


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    1. no debate. DSLRs are dead once this thing gets going and also camcorder come down in price

      Da Dinvci 9 on board. Brilliant!

  3. WOW, this is amazing? now lets take a look at the footage. This may be the end of teh Canon DSLR as videop cameras, for this proce and a 2.5K resolution? wow, lets hope the sensor is not a 2/3 size sensor and it is a full sensor, if that is the case, i will jump into it and forget about getting a sony FS100, really Canon did not did much for me to keep the HD-SLR for my video work.

    Lets hope this is a really good image camera and a full frame sensor, them they already have me as a customer, thanks canon for the great lenses that i can keep using anywhere

    1. It is not full frame.
      I read somewhere that it falls between16mm film and the gh2 sensor.

      1. thank God it’s not full frame, otherwise you’d get the focus pulling issues of the 5D that are a nightmare

  4. WOW what a thing, i just find out this:

    7D from Canon sensor Size: 22.3 x 14.9 mm (3.32 cm²)

    New BMD camera Sensor size: 16.64 mm x 14.04 mm

    Real usage of the BMD sensor: 15.6 mm x 8.8 mm

    nonononon, why? well lets see and wait to see footage of the camera.

    1. It looks promising. Only things which annoys me are the form factor (I don’t know, it is terrible) and that there are no buttons to control the camera.

      1. Then buy a video camera from Sony. This is not a ‘video’ camera. This is aimed directly at indie drama, where you have that extra minute between shots compared to run and gun.

  5. I was so impressed until I found out about the sensor size – it is such a LETDOWN! It really has everything what 5D lacks, EXCEPT proper sensor.

    There is no way around it, look at the demo videos – in lowlight, although there is no noise, image lacks detail and soft gradients. I think FS100 is still the champ for indie filmmakers, despite its price.

    1. there’s nothing wrong with the sensor. Don’t you blokes understand that large sensors are for some still cameras NOT motion?

  6. I belief that even at not full frame we will take advantage of this camera. In our market in México near Cancun we will not get paid for a Scarlet for any production, but this camera allow us to get 2 cameras for the price of 1 1DX and get direct recording to uncompress footage or direct Proress at a low cost of media.

    If they make it good them this is my next camera, If the Sony FS700 is about the 7000 dollars mark them i will get that Sony, but I am pretty sure that that will be over the 10K mark.

    Hope this people really delivers on their idea.

  7. Can we attach a viewfinder ? I dont see any HDMI output and I am not sure if the HDSDI output will deliver HD monitoring.


    Can’t wait to preorder. Finally decent color and dynamic range for under $3k.

    Canon can Suck It !

  9. The sensor size is smaller than 4/3rds cameras. Why not 4/3rds lenses. A lot more optics would be available than expensive EF glass.

    Built in battery working for an hour and a half with a two hour recharge? Not! Come on guys.

    SDI and not HDMI for more expensive monitoring. Needs an external viewfinder.

  10. I actually got to mess with the camera at nab was excited when I was reading the specs and looked at the model.Then I actually got to mess with the demo and quickly lost all interest footage looked like crap. Like high Rez VHS footage is the fist thing that came to mind. It was just ugly and soft colors looked horrible

    1. Seriously? You judged the COLOURS of a preproduction raw, uncompressed 12 bit camera on it’s low res screen that’s mainly there to change menu options and that’s probably showing a log gamma?!

      A low res screen is unlikely to give you a high res image. A log profile is unlikely to give you lovely contrasty, colourful images.

  11. Oh not to mention this camera will probably tank in low light. Someone was testing the rolling shutter while I was there and it was noticeable on monitor I think you are better off with a 60d even. 2.5 k? Um ok no distribution it in that format. I don’t know what to think of the dynamic range claim I mean thing look so flat from the camera

  12. Very interesting camera. 12 bit raw with 13 stops dynamic range at this price point is very impressive. Not to mention the 2.5K size, which will allow for crop-ins. A big benefit.
    The built-in battery’s a bummer, but can be driven by external batteries, so not a big issue.
    People have been complaining about the color/look of the footage, but I think people are judging it before it’s been properly color graded (or after it’s been improperly graded 😉 ). The look out of the camera is extremely flat (like the CineStyle for canon), so it needs proper grading, but with 12 bit raw with 13 stops of range, this is an awesome format to do this.
    I agree though that the big questions are the smaller sensor size (which will be a deal breaker for people looking for the ultra-shallow depth of field of a full sized sensor) and how well it holds up in low light…

  13. It’s awesome apart from the sensor size, please oh please have an s35 option because shooting less than dinky 4/3’rds is not my bag, I don’t want my 28mm lens to become a 400mm!:P

    1. totally agree. Why that sensor? what you have to do to have good and fast wideangles?

    2. there is nothing wrong with the sensor size. Nothing at all

      The vid is pre production, so we can’t judge till after July, when it’s on sale

        1. The real one George. There is nothing wrong with that sensor size

          It’s not small, just smaller than some. More than adequate for pro production

          1. The size of the sensor affect directly with the look of the video produced. The smaller the sensor the the biggest the DOF, the bigger the sensor it give a smaller or shalow DOF. This part alone makes your footage loor cinematic or videoish.

            If you compare a Panasonic GH type of camera to the ones like the 60D using the same lenses you will see a very noticeable difference.

            Also, lenses, a full frame lens (35mm format) will react different depending on the sensor size. For example, a 10mm full frame lens on a 5D will be real 10mm, on a 7D or 60D will be 16mm, on a 4/3 like this camera will be about 20mm, meaning, one of the best lenses for everyday production (my personal opinion only) is the 24-70, on our 7D is about 35-85 and on this camera it will be about 45-105 lens, meaning, now you do not have a decent wide lens, them you need to go out and get a wider lens, for this camera the Tokina 11-16 will become a great option being about a 20-35 lens.

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  15. There is not a problem with the sensor, the thing is that the sensor is a M4/3 size witch will make all of your lenses 2 times at least closed. Other limitation with the sensor is the light coming in into the camera.

    On the other hand the really expensive ENG cameras are 2/3 sensors, that is wost them the 4/3 size. I belief that BMD is just testing the watters with this camera and them they will release a APS-C (7D, 60D, etc.) sensor that will put this camera on top of my shopping list.

    A APS-C sensor on this camera will bring everyone that was hopping something better from the 5D MIII in video terms. Imaging that sensor, 13 stops latitud, direct recording to SSD drives, Davinci included and a Canon Mount? wow, see ya Canon once that happens.

    Another thing we all have to consider is that this is their very first camera, so, i will wait to see what happens, this is their “LAB” to find out how the camera behave in the real world.

    BLACK MAGIC, give me a APS-C or better yet a Full size (like the 5D MIII) sensor, all of the actual stuff and canon mount and I am putting canon aside. On a Full frame camera with a 16-35, 24-70 and the 70-200 you ahev a power house on your hands, or just a APS-C sensor.

    Black Magic people, no one wants a M4/3 sensor on this part of the market, no one, ask why everyone is not using the Panasonic for real projects. Give me at least a APS-C sensor on this and I am leaving my 60D and my 7D.

    Thanks Mitch for the great coverage of NAB 2012

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