Power of motion control for stop-motion animation

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Unleash the power of motion control for animation!

Thanks to our close collaboration with Dzed Systems & Dragonframe we're pleased to announce DitoGear™ DragonBridge!

DitoGear™ DragonBridge

DitoGear™ DragonBridge allows you to control all DitoGear™ products from within the Dragonframe software, through the keyframe-based convenient interface in conjunction with other features highly appreciated by animators using Dragonframe all around the world!


  1. Control up to 8 axes simultaneously from Dragonframe
  2. USB connection directly to Dragonframe
  3. Powered from DitoGear™ devices with USB backup power
  4. High quality aluminum enclosure

The product is already available on preorder and shipping starts on March, 23rd, price is ~USD 499.00.

If you like, here's the demo done by Ross Gerbasi on his DIY early prototype showcasing the benefits of using DitoGear™ equipment with Dragonframe software. More videos to come soon.

Please note that unlike Ross' demo the final product is not be based on arduino boards. Please also take into consideration that realtime operation features are highly limited with Dragonframe – this is a stopmotion animation software.

Disclaimer: DitoGear are planet5D sponsors but we don't publish this news just because they're paying us. We publish gear news because our users have asked us to let them know when we find things that may help them improve their shooting. If you're a gear maker and would like us to publish your HDSLR related products, please contact planet5D

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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