New Gear: Stedi-Shot HDSLR video trigger

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Michael Carey has created a simple new HDSLR video trigger system called Stedi-Shot to help you start and stop recording and he's launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get production started.

Michael wrote me:

I love your site and blog. I find new and innovative things on it every day.
I am in preproduction on a mechanical trigger that fits Canon and Nikon dslr cameras and would like to get an address so that I can send you one for review. I also have a Kickstarter campaign

Then he sent me a preview kit. With all the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and new Nikon D800 stuff going on, I've not made time to test it, but it is simple and as you can see it the video, it installs easily and does exactly what it is designed to do. You can see more about this crafty new tool over on

The demo and installation instructions

[tentblogger-youtube YvtO2be76H8]

launch of its Stedi-Shot DSLR Trigger

Bellingham, Washington (PRWEB) March 13, 2012

DSLR Triggers is proud to announce the launch of its Stedi-Shot DSLR Trigger, a new thumb controlled trigger for DSLR video cameras. Their Kickstarter campaign is aimed to help raise funds and get the trigger out into the market place. The money raised during the 45-day campaign will be used to purchase machine time as well as the raw materials in quantity in order to mass produce the triggers.

The Stedi-Shot DSLR trigger system consists of a bracket the camera sits on that holds a cable release perfectly aligned with the start/stop button on the back of the camera. By using the cable release to activate the start/stop button on the camera there is no shaky footage caused by pushing the button. It is that simple. Currently there are five different camera models that are supported by the Stedi-Shot: the Canon 5d MKII, the Canon 7D, the Canon T2i, the Canon 60D and also the Nikon D7000.

There are three different types of handles that hold the trigger assembly. These types include the industry standard 15mm handle, a half inch handle for the rigs that have the rod type system of support and one that goes with Zacuto styled handles.
“One of the things that slows me down the most in HDSLR shooting is finding that button. All the time when you are ready to shoot you have to pull your hand off the rig to start and stop the camera. You end up rolling a lot of additional footage.” says Vincent Laforet of Laforet Visuals
“It is about time that someone came out with a simple thumb button to hit the record on your favorite DSLR camera! It’s a pain being ready to shoot, but having to dismount and press the record button. I’ve seen wireless trigger buttons, I’ve even gaffed a remote to the handle, but I have never seen a mechanical one like this.” -Cinema 5D news.
The Stedi-Shot can also be used on a tripod in the studio as well as on a crane and can be activated using an air release to hit the start/stop button.

About DSLR Triggers
DSLR Triggers is located in Bellingham Washington and can be found at
Their Kickstarter campaign can be found at

So give the Kickstarter campaign a view and see if this is something you're interested in helping to fund.

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