planet5D gets a sneak peek at the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Why the 5D Mark III has no articulating screen

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In TechRadar's exclusive article, Canon informs them why there's no articulating screen on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III:

From TechRadar

Canon has explained the reasoning behind the decision to not include an articulated screen on its new Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR.

David Parry from Canon UK told TechRadar that its absence was due to the camera's weatherproofing needing to be maintained.

“It would affect the weatherproofing, and we feel that is more important,” he said.

“The majority of people asking for articulated screens are of course videographers, and most of those will use field monitors.”

Parry also explained that he believes the field of view of the 1,040,000-dot LCD should also be adequate for the majority of users.


There's more to the story over on TechRadar

planet5D gets a sneak peek at the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

planet5D got a sneak peek at the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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  1. Well, makes sense to me… Although it would have been cool to have this.

  2. They realise that most videographers will be using field monitors but they don’t provide clean HDMI output??? Isn’t that strange?

    1. You don’t need “clean HDMI output” for a monitor — actually that might create other problems. You only require clean HDMI for an external recorder. However, the value of an external recorder decreases when you’re recording 91 Mbps intraframe mpeg-4 (the vague equivalent of 182 Mbps of mpeg-2) in the camera.

      1. Actually, you can benefit for having the option of removing all the information from the screen. That’s also called, IMHO, “clean” HDMI output. Not to be confused with “uncompressed signal”.

  3. I’m surprised Canon is not hearing from more pro still photographers wanting the articulating screen. I find myself in many situations where I’m holding the camera high overhead (and guessing the frame) or laying on the ground to get the angle I want. Being able to quickly flip out and rotate the screen and back again would be a tremendous help especially in fast-paced evolving situations. Was hoping both the 1DX and 5D3 would have this.

  4. Stange… I’ve seen multiple videos of water being poured on the new Olympus OM-D… which has an articulated screen.

    I’m just not feeling enough improvement for the price increase over the 5D2. I guess Canon didn’t want to add too many features. The 5D3 would then be in competition with the also overpriced C300.

  5. Im with you russ, the articulating screen reason is bs, you can weather proof anything if you want to, especially a company that poors millions into r&d

  6. I bought the 60D exclusively because of the the articulating screen. Also my GH2 has an articulating screen. I don’t like extra monitors.

  7. My guess would be that an articulated screen does make it more vulnerable to breakage. The camera is supposed to have some robustness, and the folding piece, on hinges that couldn’t be strong enough maintaining a compact size, would make it more fragile. I have a 60D and really appreciate the practicality of using the flip screen, but I also do feel that if I am moving the camera around that little “lever” sticking out does make it more prone to damage. It must have been a tough call for the developers 5D mk III to decide about this issue.

    1. I agree that it would make it more vulnerable to being broken but that is not the reason canon uk have for not implementing it in the 5d3. I’m sick of listening to “official” reps making statements about stuff they clearly had no input into. The real answers are in Japan and since were not talking in Japanese I think we won’t be able to find someone with a sincere honest answer.

  8. It may be based on the size of the screen, adding an articulated linkage would require more “body acreage”, and this one is pretty big to begin with (and also in the correct aspect ratio).

    Olympus had no issues with the E-3 & E-5 professional cameras weather-proofing and articulated screen. In my opinion, they have had the lead in weather-proofing ever since the E-1’s.

    For shooting most stills, I prefer a right angle finder attachment, though.

  9. Using the 5D mark II I have on occasion wished for the articulating arm. But the primary mission is a pro-camera first, and video camera second. It does great in both regards, and to be honest, I am amazed they allow such wonderful video capture on these DSLR’s – they must be losing huge sums of cash on the camcorder side – which is why the price is going up.

    I think they are testing the waters, seeing if those who want truly superior video on the DSLR’s are willing to pay for it. If not, they might as well not put too much extra capability. If they do get their asking price, I expect to see that price grow a lot over the next few upgrades. Eventually, I could see a 5d mark (?) sold for 8-12,000 dollars, but have a true 4:4:4 capture, with perhaps even real audio capture, rather than bolding units to the bottom – you could canon accessories that give you the monitor, audio, – well, the entire rig. And since they make really good money selling it, they will put the very best tech available.

    I know that sounds crazy NOW – but if you said that there would be a 1080P Video DSLR with 22MP a decade ago, people would have looked at you, the same way you all just looked at me about a 12,000 dollar 5D!

  10. It should have an onboard flash. Canon 7D and Nikon D800 have it, both are weather proof. On board flash are very good for fill in.

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